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Sage 50 Accounts 2010 on 64 bit Windows 7?

I'm thinking of upgrading some kit and am considering 64 bit Windows 7.

Does anyone know whether Sage 50 Accounts 2010 works on 64 bit?


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07th Apr 2010 18:03

Sage and Windows 7 64bit platform

The simple answer is NO!

NO Sage software AT ALL will run on 64bit Windows 7, and not much will run on 32bit. (See Ask Sage article 24437 for the full list.)

This following is a line taken from an email they sent me in January about an upgrade but it applies to all the software:

"Sage Accounts Production v6.2 also delivers support for customers using Windows 7 Professional or above. Sage only supports the 32-bit version of Windows 7."

The reason, they say, is because they cannot get the Amyuni PDF Document converter to run on Windows 7 64 bit, YET! But don't hold your breath.

-- Witch-Queen

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2010 19:08

Win 7 64bit

I am running Sage 2010 on 64bit Windows 7.

Haven't seen any problems with creating PDF files, but get occasional popups complaining about an 'invalid argument'.  I click OK and carry on.

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2010 19:51

Sage and Windows 7 64bit platform

Thanks for your comprehensive reply, Witch Queen.

Sage need to get their act together, as there are an awful lot of systems shipping now with 64 bit Windows 7 that won't run their software!

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2010 20:57

Sage works on Win7 64bit

 I am using Sage Line 50 Ver 11 (!) on Windows 7 64bit without any problems. I do not use the Sage PDF printer so do not know if that works. Sage only supported Ver 11 on Win XP, not Vista or Windows 7.

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By Anonymous
09th Apr 2010 10:56

So is anyone successfully running Sage Line 50 2010 (version 16)

We are in the same situation, in wanting to upgrade desktops to Windows 7 Professional (64 Bit).

We have Line 50 2010, and also run Client Manager.

Is anyone running this combination successfully?

It sound as if the situation is that it probably works, you might get error messages, and you won't get any support!

Looking at the Windows 7 Professional details, am I right in thinking one could reinstall it as a 32 Bit version (it's very hard to tell whether there is a 32 Bit version of Windows 7 Professional)?

If this can be done, would I be right in thinking that any RAM above 3GB is ignored and not used?

Is a better alternative to leave the 64 Bit version installed, and also install XP Mode?


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By Locutus
09th Apr 2010 11:17

RE: So is anyone successfully running Sage Line 50 2010 (version

I can't really answer your question about running Sage on 64 bit Win 7, but as for the other questions....

32 bit Windows 7 Professional does exist

If you have a 32 bit operating system it will only be able to use a maximum of about 3.6 Gb of RAM.  The operating system will simply ignore any physical memory above that.

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09th Apr 2010 20:48

Sage & Windows 7 64bit

1) The answer about the RAM in 32 bit systems being recognised as 3.6Gb is correct.

2) When i bought my Windows 7 software (half price if ordered months in advance of release) it arrived with both 32bit and 64bit disks in the box

3)  I am reliably advised, that for a Desktop PC, there will not be any noticeable difference in performance between 32bit and 64bit.  Where 64bit really comes into it's own is on laptop PC's where 64bit will be noticably faster.

-- Witch-Queen

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07th Jun 2010 15:38

sage line 50 version 16 on Win 7 64


I have just done a transfer from a Windows XP machine over to Windows 7 64. Sage Payroll seems OK, Job Costing version 8 seems ok, but Sage Line 50 accounts dosn't fully work. The issue I have just hit and have no work around for is saving bank rec's. Sage saves a PDF of the reconsiliation when it trys to do this I get an 'Out of Memory' error? But there is plenty of free memory.  Just Spoken to Sage Technical support and he has admited they have no workaround for this, nor do they have a timescale on when this will be addressed. They are awaiting a new version of the Amyuni PDF printer which is 64 bit compatitable. From what technical support said the 32 bit version has only been released 3 weeks ago. It is very frustraiting as everything else worked without a problem. And I know of other software companys which use the Amyuni PDF driver and it works fine on Windows 7 64.

I am very suprised that such a large company carn't get this problemresolved . If anyone has got around this I would be very interestered in how they done it as my only option is to put in a 32 bit os.






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07th Jun 2010 16:21


One solution would be to use a different 3rd party PDF driver...

Alternatively, run Sage in 'Virtual XP' mode:


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By Anonymous
07th Jun 2010 23:57

Why 64-bit?

"I'm thinking of upgrading some kit and am considering 64 bit Windows 7."

So why are you considering 64-bit? Do you have a specific need for a 64-bit system? Most Windows software is stll 32-bit and (unless you're a major power user who will benefit from having more than 4GB of physical memory) you'll get no performance advantage from a 64-bit system when running 32-bit software.

Office 2010 (unlike Office 2007) will have a 64-bit edition, but even Microsoft suggest most people should stick with the 32-bit edition due to compatibility issues;

"If you're trying to decide between 32-bit and 64-bit Office, you should ask yourself what your needs are. Are you an Excel power user working with huge amounts of data? Do you need to work with file sizes greater than 2GB? If so, then you would benefit from 64-bit Office being able to utilize more memory. If not, we're recommending 32-bit Office 2010 as the default installation on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows mainly due to compatibility with existing 32-bit controls, add-ins, and VBA."

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By Anonymous
08th Jun 2010 00:50

RE: Why 64-bit
"So why are you considering 64-bit?"

For reasons of future proofing in a nutshell.  I recall reading somewhere that a large proportion (possibly a majority) of new Windows 7 systems sold are 64-bit.  Computing is moving in that direction and I wouldn't be surprised if in 3 or 4 years time some software will be 64-bit only  (my current laptop is over 7 years old now!)

Agreed that 4GB of physical memory is large, but Bill Gates thought 640kb of RAM was more than anyone could possibly use - so even the best people in the business get it wrong.  It's good to give yourself some flexibility, just in case one day Sage's minimum installation requirements are 64 bit Windows with 8Gb of RAM.

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15th Aug 2010 14:45

Sage v 16 works fine with Windows 7 64 bit.

 Running Windows 7 64 bit with Sage Line 50 v 16. No problems at all.

Only create PDF docs when doing a print job. No problems at all.

Sage line 50 does not work with Office 2010 64 bit. Only have 64 bit because office 2010 32 bit has bits missing that are available in 64 bit. Bits only if having a volume license. You have to love the large corporations arrogance to small users

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10th Oct 2010 19:14

Easy fix ....

You can easily down load free applications such as CUTE PDF

All you need to do once this is installed is choose print though sage and then go to you drop down menu and choose CutePDF and it will save you a PDF file of the print job. This will save you time and money and waiting for lazy assed companies doing their job correctly in the first place.

This will work on all windows operating systems without any problems what so ever.

Sage should get their act together and sort this out it isn’t hard.

I hope this helps.


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By Myshkin
21st Oct 2010 14:53

Easy Fix

 Came up against this problem  on our new hardware today and Cutepdf does seem to solve it so thanks for the above.

Why Sage can't get simple things right like this is beyond belief.

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11th Nov 2010 17:06

Where is the option!

I realise this may be a stupid question, but where is the option in the sage menus to change the default PDF printer !?!?



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11th Nov 2010 22:50

Sage Version 11

I have sage Version 2011 on a 64bit Packard Bell touch screen and it works great , it is very fast, much faster then my 32 bit machine.

 Because it is a touch screen it is like working on a white board , it is excellent for training and showing clients their accounts they just touch the info they want and it comes up. I have had it about six months. It is also used as a normal computer as well.

Version 2010 was not great on anything windows 7 but all the PDF and excel problems would appear to have been resolved in 2011-.  I am also using it on a virtual machine windows 7 32bit on my macbook pro using VMware fusion as well as accounts production and ct  and they seem to work well .  I not tried the accounts production on the 64 bit yet , only because I have not had the need.  My Sage cover has covered me on windows 7 64 bit. Software is getting larger and larger so if your getting a new machine go for the better GB .  I got that Packard Bell 3GB   260GB Touch screen for £600. Their not really that expensive anymore, and that was out of Staples so I am sure you can get cheaper.


- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

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By debbiem
17th Nov 2011 15:48

I found after upgrading to a new PC with Windows 7 that Sage Accounts 50 2009 wouldn't save any file as a PDF.  When I bought the PC I gave no thought to whether it was 32 or 62 bit, just bought a PC with a spec that suited me.

Having found this thread, I've just downloaded CutePDF and it works great! 

Thanks MLWood



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By Alen
09th Jun 2012 07:58

Update 32-bit to 64-bit

I just wanted to get some information about update my sage act to 64-bit... would you please help me? 

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13th Jan 2014 22:36

Installing Simply Accounting onto Windows 7 64 bit

I installed SA 2010 as a normal installation in 32 bit \Program files(x86)\Simply Accounting

Installed "Cute pdf"

Moved the entire folder from

[C:\Program files(x86)\Simply Accounting to

[C:\Program files\Simply Accounting]

and everything worked as it is supposed to. Left all the settings the same just had to add "Cute PDF" as the default printer where I needed to print in PDF...

Only the Help File still does not work. It crashes the program.


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01st Jun 2015 22:57

I have run Sage Line 50 version 9.10, on XP, Vista, and Windows 7, in 32 bit on a 64 bit machine. I have no trouble at all but do not network the program. It runs on one machine at a time. Back ups are duplicated on each machine. 

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