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Sage 50 Client cannot remember password

A client gave me a copy of their Sage 50 but gave me the backup of one of their defunct companies and he does not know the password. I cannot now log in to Line 50 and need to restore another company on to it. I do not mind deleting the data but do not want to delete Sage altogether. Any suggestions?


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Copy the demodata

If you copy the data files from the demo data over the top of the client data, you'll be able to get back in - if you can let me know the version of Sage 50 and the operating system, I can tell you exactly which folders to copy if required.


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Thanks John

Sage 50 Accounts 2010

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Copying demodata

Assuming you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista and assuming that this is a single company install of v2010 you would do the following:

Copy the contents of the folder c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010\demodata\accdata into the folder c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010\company.000\accdata

You'll then be able to get back in to Sage using just the MANAGER logon with no password.



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Still not working

Thanks John but it is still not letting me in for invalid password.

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Invalid Password

In which case, it would suggest that the client data is not in the folder I mentioned.

When you go into Sage, do you have to select the company from the list or does it take you straight in?


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Thank you very much for this John

When I open Sage it opens a window from which I have to choose the type of data that I want to use, Your Company's Data, Practice Data or Demonstration Data.

I have looked at the properties of the Sage Icon which I log on to and it and the shortcut bit says start in: C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\2010\Company.000 but when I pasted the demodata in to it as you suggested it was previously blank.

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re thanks very much for this john

Follow the route to company.000 click into it and you should see a file named accdata. Right click on the file and rename  it (doesn't matter what you call it). Right click in a blank area, select new then left click on folder and you will see a new folder created, rename that to accdata, come out and go to sage on your desktop, it will then go through the process of setting up a new company from scratch. If you are going to restore data from a bckup you can accept all the defaults, and it doesn't matter which month you choose as year start as the restore routine will fill in all the details.

If when you get to company.000 there is not an accdata file there create one come out and go into sage it will create new company as above

Hope this helps.

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Data folder

If the folder c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010\company.000\accdata was empty then that is not where Sage is picking up your client's data from as, if it was, there would be a load of files in that folder.

You can see exactly where Sage is looking by going to the folder c:\programdata\sage\accounts\2010.  In that folder is a file called COMPANY - right click on the file and open with Notepad and, in the file you'll see a path.

If, for example, the patch reads c:\sage\accounts then the client data will be in c:\sage\accounts\accdata and it there that you can copy the demodata files.


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Thanks thanks and thanks again

All sorted now thanks. The company information is kept in Sage Instant 2009 I upgraded to 2010.

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Did you try

'LETMEIN'?  It is, or was, the default password in Sage and a very surprising number of users never change it!

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Default password

LETMEIN was the default password on the DOS versions of Sage 50, the Windows version never had a default password.


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Only one file needed

The file that contains the "manager" password is SETUP.DTA.  It also contains things like the company name, the year end date and so on.

The way I do it is to set up a new company with the same client details, then copy the SETUP.DTA across and log in with the new known manager password.

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JonBryce, you're a Life Saver

Can't thank you enough for that info JonBryce.

That Setup.dta trick unblocked the path to resolving an important problem.

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Manager Password Reset



Can anyone tell me how to reset the managers password on Sage 50 2007?



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Sage 50 Accounts passwod reset

matchi wrote:
Can anyone tell me how to reset the managers password on Sage 50 2007?

matchi, in order to reset the manager password use the Sage 50 Accounts Password Recovery, it's instant and proved to work:



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Sage Instant V17 & 18 incompatibility

In error, I tried to restore a backup from Sage Instant 2012 V18 to Sage Instant 2012 V17.  Unable to now access the software. 

I've reinstalled from the disc, but having logged in as Manager (didn't have to do before) , the next stage states that the software was last used with V18 and asks if I want to check for updates.  If I select Yes:  updates cannot be found and I am thrown out of Sage.  If I select No and opt to carry on I am thrown out of Sage.


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Tried, of course, to restore to Sage Instant 2011 V17!

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