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Sage Accounts Production and Windows 7 - 64 bit

Sage Accounts Production and Windows 7 - 64 bit

We are about to upgrade our desktops to Windows 7 64 bit.

At the same time we are upgrading the server to 2011.

We have checked with our various software providers out there and some, Sage included, say they wont support the 64 bit version only the 32 bit.

Is there anyone out there who has already done the 2011/ windows 7 64 bit upgrade, and have you had any issues?


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22nd Dec 2011 11:58

I queried this also with Sage

It does work with no problems. It's just that they don't offer support for that side of things ie the 64-bit element. You will get your support on the software as normal.

You can confirm this by phoning the support people.


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22nd Dec 2011 15:16

Works Fine

I use Sage accounts production with Windows 7 64bit and I will just echo that I have seen no problems and Sage as slow as they are continue to support the software.

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23rd Dec 2011 01:00

Not quite fine

We had a 64 bit Windows 7 machine with 2Gb of RAM - we had to add another 2Gb in order for it to work. Once upgraded there were no issues.

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23rd Dec 2011 12:04

you should be OK on 4GB RAM

but I would recommend 8GB. The point is if you have a good computer with windows no. 7 etc, why skimp on the RAM?


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23rd Dec 2011 12:12


We were give a 64 bit machine as no 32 bit machines were available at the time in the model we wanted. We would not normally have a 64 bit machine - we don't have anything which fully utilises it so always get 32 bit OS.

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