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SAGE Bank reconciliation

SAGE Bank reconciliation

I reconciled a VISA credit bank statement with a difference due to entering an end balance as a positive number. Is there any way how to fix it?

Many thanks.


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16th May 2012 23:12

Bank Reconcilliation

Yes easy to fix.

If you entered the closing balance of the statement as a positive instead of a negative, the reconciled difference would have be double that figure.

If that was the case and and you hit Reconcile and Ignore difference, then go into the reconcilliation again using the same date and this time put the correct negative closing balance. This should now show a difference of Nil, reconcile again and job done

If I have misunderstood your problem, email me at [email protected] and I will reply with my phone number

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By Janka
17th May 2012 19:48

Thanks a lot for your advice. I will try to fix it at work tomorrow following your advice. 

Basically, if I understood well, the reconciliation will be overwritten with the correct one having the negative ending balance. What about a name you have to give it to reconciliation. Will it be corrected if I do not give it any name / title? I thought it is a mandatory field which needs to be filled in.

Can I email you tomorrow just in case I have got any problems with the bank rec?

Many thanks.




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to Ruddles
17th May 2012 21:11

Re Bank reconcilliation

The original reconciliation will not be over written, what you are doing is new reconcilliation but this time to the correct balance.

When you reconcile a bank, and tell Sage to ignore a difference, that difference will be carried forward to the next time you reconcile, so in your case, entering the correct closing balance, will result in a nil difference and allow you to reconcile again.

What name/reference did you use originally? use that again with 'a' or '1' after it, to denote that it is the same statement, but a second time of reconciling that page. 




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By Janka
09th Jul 2012 22:03



Hi,I reconciled April visa card entries and saved the bank rec then I opened it again at the end of May in order to do May bank rec and had a difference in the opening balance. I unreconciled the april entries again and realized that the difference is now in the opening balance for April which means an ending balance for March. Is there any quick way how to find out what caused that difference and how to fix it?  Many thanks. Best wishesJanka

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10th Jul 2012 10:12

Re: Credit Card reconcilliation

Hi Jana,

If your bank reconciled at the end of April, but now the April balance has changed, you must have amended or deleted an entry that was previously included in the reconciled balance.

The only way to find this is to take a print out from Sage Bank Reports and, going backwards in date, check off the entries against the card statements to see what has changed.

The printouts available to you will depend which version of Sage you have.

As you also emailed me about this problem, I have replied to your email giving my phone number


AKA Witch-Queen

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