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SAGE customer service?

Has anyone here managed to cancel a SAGE software subscription?

I started trying to cancel in February but the person on the other end of the line told me I couldn't. So I wrote a letter. Anyway, 3 months on, 4 calls from "Customer Service" people later, 1 letter and 2 e-mails, I've been told I can cancel. Lucky me! Then last week all the renewal invoices arrived....

The last person I spoke to at "Customer Service" was so rude, and then didn't do what she promised to do (confirm by e-mail that my cancellation was accepted) that I complained about her. Since then she keeps trying to call me on my mobile to tell me I was wrong and I shouldn't have complained about her!

Goodness me, is that any way to run a business? Sorry, I just needed to get it off my chest!


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02nd Jun 2009 18:03

sage reply
It will be interesting to see what reply you get from this girl at sage.
If they cut their costs to subscribers and get rid of half of their useless and rude staff then that will be a start.
Alastair Darling can look into this company as he may no longer be the chancellor come tomorrow and it will give this chump something to do.

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By Anonymous
01st Jun 2009 12:08

Good luck John Owen
It seems it depends on the individual you get and the quality is very variable.

The retentions department never contacted me (although I was promised their attentions they never called) I only dealt with "Customer Service". Who need some training as they told me I wasn't allowed to cancel. Perhaps I was going to be locked into Sage software for ever? I did tell them about the Human Rights Act but after a number of hours on the phone I was losing my sense of humour!!!

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01st Jun 2009 09:13

Sage Subscription
We had a subscription we weren't using for account prep and when I asked to cancel they pointed out that we were one month too late to give the required three months notice on an annual agreement. But instead of saying tough luck, they just asked that we paid two twelfths of the subscription as cancellation fee, which seemed quite reasonable. As soon as we paid it we got a credit note for the balance.

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By jfowen
29th May 2009 18:24

Similar event
I recently contacted Sage to tell them I would not be renewing my software and I was told that the retentions department would be contacting me. Never heard a peep since. Needless to say, I've had a payment reminder.

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Sage users have more power than AccountingWEB!
Interesting thread and follow-up comment from Jack. Whether or not Sage advertises with AccountingWEB doesn't affect what we or our members post about the company (unless it's untrue, rude or defamatory, of course).

What Anon, Catherine and Sage have demonstrated here is just how powerful the user's voice can be - if it has a means of being heard. From regular briefings and conversations with Sage executvies about issues raised by members, I know just how sensitive they are about customer service - but the relentless drive to maximise revenues and the behaviour of some rogue staff members can tarnish that experience, as we have seen in this instance.

Catherine's efforts here to step in and defuse the situation are typical of Sage's behaviour - if an issue is brought to its attention, it will do its best to rectify the situation, as would most reputable software suppliers. Ensuring that customers are satisfied with its products and give good word of mouth recommendations is one of the core measures the company uses internally, so Sage users have real power if they make their complaints heard (and praise, where appropriate).

Speaking of which, we recently opened up our online questionnaire for the 2009 Software Satisfaction Awards, so you have an extra opportunity to make your views known - it only takes a minute or two for each application you want to rate.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

PS - If you'd like to get a big more background on the awards, I've set out Why the Software Satisfaction Awards matter so much in a recent blog

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20th May 2009 10:53

I had a similar problem with this sage company a few years back. I cancelled my contract. They kept sending me invoices being my annual fee for updates. I said I am not paying and that was the end of the matter.
It is time for some government department to take some action against them for harasing customers and expensive products.

The accounting web site advertises SAGE. Maybe they should sort out this problem


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By Anonymous
19th May 2009 17:14

A happy ending
I'm pleased to be able to report that, since my posting last night, there does seem to be a happy ending. My case has been passed to a new person and I have confirmation in writing by e-mail that my invoices have been cancelled.

Catherine, thank you for your offer, it's nice to know that someone at Sage cares. Perhaps I just was unlucky and got a couple of bad apples. Certainly I have complained about the last lady I dealt with who was just rude. I have found the whole thing upsetting but now that things look ok I don't want to give it any more time. Just get on with my business.

Thank you

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By Abacjm
19th May 2009 01:05

Sage customer Service
They're not Wise, these Sages!

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By bobtee
09th Apr 2012 00:53



Does anyone have any recent renewal/cancellation experiences with Sage?

 I am trying to cancel my Sage Accountant's Software License.  I have done so verbally; and also more recently sent them a registered letter explaining that I have not used Sage for at least a year.  I also returned some payroll software disks (box unopened).

However I am now receiving demands for payment from them for next year's license subscription in the amount of £864.  When should I have given notice? Surely it does not matter?  My invoice/renewal date was 08/03/2012? 



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