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Sage departmental P&L

Sage departmental P&L

Sadly I have a client who wont budge from Sage so I am stuck with it but I was wondering if there is a p&l report that will show me each department as a seperate column for a specific date range?  Currently I have to run a transactional p&l for each department separately and key those figures into a summary sheet.


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By Glennzy
22nd Feb 2013 14:09

I dont think there is.

I have to do the same for 13 cost centres. There is some add in sofware our external auditors have which does it but I beleive it is quite expensive.

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22nd Feb 2013 15:13


Give me Quickbooks anyday!

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By Glennzy
22nd Feb 2013 16:10


Does Quickbooks show them all side by side for comparative.

I am not sure what other would do this and I am suprised Sage have not deleveloped this further as it is a massive weakness in their Software and they have been around long enough to have sorted it out by now.

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22nd Feb 2013 16:39

I'm a bit rusty...

But I think it used to be possible via ODBC?

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25th Feb 2013 18:50

what version of Sage do you use? e.g Sage50 , 200 ?

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25th Feb 2013 19:08

I believe you need

Sage 50 to be able to use AND report departmentally. Instant Account Plus allows you to use departments but not to report in them, which I find very odd & told Sage so.

However Sage 50 is much more expensive than Instant Plus and apart from the departmental reporting doesn't appear to do much more than Instant - unless you need multi-users (Instant only allows max 2 I think,that is you are a large company?


Most of my clients are sole traders / SMEs so the cost of 50 can't be justified (even with 20% discount if bought  through Sage Accountants Club membership benefit) but it might be worth looking at for your client?



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27th Feb 2013 08:22

Sage Department P& L


One report that I have run previously for a Client that needed Departmental Reporting was

Management Analysis Reports* - Advanced Budgeting from the Financial Modules rather than from Profit & Loss.


** The Management Analysis Reports are not available in Sage Instant


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