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Sage Download problem


Using Sage software I am changing from Cash Accounting to Standard Vat & there is a report download I need from Sage which will provide me with a customer & supplier report showing the vat element of outstanding invoices.

I can save the download but cannot open it. It came up with a message which said something about I do not have a file to support it, if I click on the web to search for the file, it just comes up with a web page and at the top it says Split File! Any ideas, I can ring Sage tomorrow but really need to get this done today.

Many thanks to any other sad people working on a Sunday as well!


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By occca
13th May 2012 12:23

How are you opening it?

Presumably you are trying to open it within Sage?

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13th May 2012 17:10

No! I have to be logged out of sage & excel. The download is from the Sage website.

You save it to you computer & then run it. I can download it to the computer, but when I try to run it, it says it can't open it as it doesn't recognise the file, I have windows 7 on my computer.


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By JKnight
13th May 2012 17:33

What exactly have you downloaded from the Sage website.

If it is a *.001 file, this is probably a Sage backup and needs to be restored into Sage 50 Accounts itself.


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13th May 2012 17:41

Hi JKnight.

It is a .001 file. I'm a bit confused as on their website it says you must log out of Sage & Excel to download the file, which I was.

There are no further instructions even on the ask article which viewed. I may be a bit thick, but how do I restore it into Sage 50 Accounts itself?

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By JKnight
13th May 2012 17:51

These are the instructions from Sage for restoring the Sage 50 Accounts - Additional Reports Backup (if that is what you have downloaded):

"To restore the file 


 1.Open Sage Accounts.  2.Open the File menu and choose Restore.  3.Click Browse, locate the backup file Reports Only Backup.001, click Open then click OK.  This does not affect your data."

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13th May 2012 18:01

Your a Star


Thank you very much this has sorted my problem.

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