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Sage Line 50

I have a very old (10+ years) multi company (5) version of Sage Line 50.

Increasingly clients who are foolish enough to buy line 50 have versions that I cannot open.

So it looks like I will have to bite the bullet.

What is the best (cheapest?) way to go about this? Is it practical to use a single comany version and delete clients once the work is done?

The 3 company version wouldn't be any better once you get to 4 clients!

Any tips?


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05th Jan 2011 18:37

Sage 50 Client Manager

The cheapest way is to go for Sage 50 Client Manager: albeit, even with that, if you have to return data to clients once you have worked with it, you will still have the problems of versions if your clients use earlier versions of Sage 50.

Whilst, technically, you could use a single company version and then backup/restore clients data, the licence only allows for a single company to be setup.




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By Monsoon
06th Jan 2011 10:27

Do you really need it?

We don't have Sage in house; for those clients who bookkeep on Sage, we take a TB, a nominal ledger report, debtors and creditors reports and work from those at year end.


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06th Jan 2011 21:28

Cheapest Sage needed

I worked for years using the back-up and restore method, until I got Client Manager. You just need to be very organised and methodical and always back-up one client before restoring another.

If you only need to restore a clients data in order to take year end prints etc, then all you need is the latest version of Sage Instant at about £100. ANY version of Line 50, from version 11 onwards, will restore into Instant Version 2011.  

You will not be able to work on the data and then restore back to the client, if they are on an older version, no matter which option you choose, you would have to give them written adjustments for them to put through manually, but it's fine for interrogating their data.

-- Witch-Queen

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06th Jan 2011 21:53


I'm a little confused, you mention "will restore into Instant Version 2011" - the latest version of Instant is v16 and you can't restore data from Sage 50 v2011 in to it...


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06th Jan 2011 22:08


Thanks for the correction johndon.

Instant v16 to/from Line 50 2010 (v16) are compatable

Line 50 2011 is v17 and will not restore to Instant

-- Witch-Queen

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