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Sage Line 50 upgrade advice

We are running a business that needs to move on from Line 50 due to the sheer number of transactions we post into our General Ledger.
We do this to help us track our income better and like the controls that an accounting system offers rather than some make-shift database sitting alongside.

Whilst I dont have a budget in mind I really dont want to go over £ 5K. I dont need a lot of the ERP type stuff we are just looking for a good GL, with AP and Sale Ledger.
Ideally something that runs on an SQL db preferably mySQL

Any advice would be welcome.


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13th Jul 2007 13:17

Maybe wait
Sage50, I believe, is scheduled to move onto MySQL. Why not check with them and see when it is due and if it will resolve your problems.
Your budget may well be eaten up by retraining costs.

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16th Jul 2007 10:49

Sage Line 50 upgrade advice

I suggest the Pastel Software. It is a stable software using Pervasive SQL as database. If you are currently on Sage Line 50 v10 or v11, you may still use your existing databse since Pastel provides a conversion tool for these two versions. You will still use your existing data but on a new software.

For pricing, it is not an expensive package and it is well below your budgeted amount. If you need any more info, please mail me at [email protected]. I can arrange an online demo for you.



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12th Aug 2007 09:07

One possible solution is Sybiz It has a really strong nominal with a 16 character NL code which can be split to cover Cost Centre Department etc.
Multi Currency functions are strong. Uses Foxpro as the database engine and we have Customer sites with a million plus postings.
Simple to use, fast data retrieval, very affordable

Viv Burrows

[email protected]

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By Anonymous
12th Aug 2007 16:53

Composite Nominal ......
Old fashioned method of having a 16 character multi-function Nominal code - recall using this method in the mid 1970's on main frames.

Surely it is a hang-over from dBase days (Clipper/FoxPro) where the only way one could get sensible sort & retrieval was by having a composite key (position/move next).

This approach has for the most part been made redundant by SQL based retrieval systems with powerful select & sort capability.

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12th Aug 2007 22:25

Composite Nominal
I've not long finished an Oracle Financials Project with a very similar structure, but Sybiz offers all the ledgers for under a £1000 which is a little cheaper.
There are packages out there which offer the facility to select cost centres from separate tables but they generally cost substantially more.

We have colleges running Pastel and Pervasive sql and I must say that they have been relatively happy with the result, although the nominal can get a little cramped with the limits of a main/sub code

Viv Burrows

[email protected]

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10th Aug 2007 14:08

Sage & MySQL
I don't think there's anything published but I understand the plans are to migrate Sage50 etc. to MySQL. They've already started with SageHR. No timescales known to me but shouldn't be too long.

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