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Sage or VT

comments appreciated


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By zebaa
16th Jul 2009 17:58

I dislike Sage more than I can say here. But my view counts for nothing and it is the leading accounts software used by SME in the UK. I just can not see what makes it attractive, so maybe its just me.

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16th Jul 2009 18:17

thanks for reply
what makes sage so popular - can it do anything different/better than VT (which looks a lot better value to me).

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By Anonymous
16th Jul 2009 18:31

I have been using sage for about 20 years and VT for far less, but I know which I prefer by a hundred miles. Sage makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall.

As long as you don't want stock control or the other extras that sage has, VT is perfect for the majority of small businesses who just want to do bookkeeping.

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17th Jul 2009 08:56

VT without doubt is miles better and cheaper... I wouldn't touch Sage with a barge pole.

I have no Idea why sage is more popular!!!

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By Anonymous
17th Jul 2009 10:16

Which is best depends on what you want the software to do. If you want to use it for fairly basic accounting then VT is fantastic and I'd recommend it every time. The vast majority of my work is done on this, and if the reports don't suit it's easy to link it to an excel template to present the data how you want.
However if you have any more complicated clients that need foreign currencies/divisional p&ls etc. then VT can't cope and you'll have to go for Sage (and not a basic version).

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17th Jul 2009 10:35

I will tell you this Boy...........
VT all the way.

I wouldn't touch Sage with a bargepole. I don't think I would even if their software WAS good - their customer service is a disgrace.

BTW - Cotter agrees with me too!!

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10th Sep 2009 13:54

VT by a long way...
All the way is VT - I use it for nearly all my bookkeeping clients. Uber-flexible and quick and easy to use

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02nd Oct 2009 08:13

cost to clients?

I have gone down the VT route and like the product.  Do you guys get your clients to pay the £125 for the VT Transaction software?  Or is there a cheaper way of getting them on to VT Transaction?

I have a client who runs a big hairdressing salon.  Her previous accountant had her doing everything manually which was a nightmare.  I am setting her up with VT cash book.  Really her use of Transaction will just be to record her weekly sales from the till, and her purchase invoices.


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02nd Oct 2009 10:55


I buy VT Transaction+ and my clients download VT Books for free - it is all they need.

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02nd Oct 2009 16:04

how does that work?

Does this mean, then, that your clients make no use of purchase and/or sales ledgers in their business?  Or a VAT return other than on a cash accounting basis?

Because it seems to me that if you have a client who is willing & able to do their ledgers and VAT on the PC, you should train him/her to do it - which means buying VT+...... or is there another way?




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02nd Oct 2009 16:14

If your client wants to use a P/L and a S/L

then they will have to get Transaction+

It is not exactly a large amount to pay though is it?

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What makes Sage so popular is their marketing strategies and the fact that their software is available in virtually all well known high street sfotware vending shops and is sort of de-facto. Simple as that.  I do not for one minute think it is because they write amazing software because over the years I have found that they simply don't. Simple as that.

My personal view of Sage is that yes it does the job but it is grossly overpriced. Profits mean more to Sage than customers. I renewed our Payroll with them at a cost of £700 (YES £700) and then had to wait 120 minutes (YES 120 minutes) on an 0845 number (NOT FREE) for support for PYE. Their excuse was busy due to PYE. Hey when I am paying that sort of money for support I really do not give a stuff about how busy they are. They should get more staff.

Then there is our accounts software (Sage CIS) which is over £1000.00 in support each year.

I am sick to death of their inflated prices and crap support. After using Sage for the last 20 years I can guarantee that I WILL NOT be renewing next time round.  I am scouting for a replacement as I speak and one way or another I will find one.

Sage is far from the best and far from the cheapest, period!

Grunt over.


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By Anonymous
29th Apr 2010 16:48

£700 for Sage Payroll?

You should have gone to Moneysoft! £110+VAT  + number - answered promptly!

Bu then again if you had been reading Any Answers for any amount of time you would have know that!

VT Transaction + and Moneysoft Payroll are a winning combination!

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06th Apr 2011 18:34

VT Transaction+ for bookkeeping and Moneysoft for wages
VT Transaction+ appears to be very suitable for bookkeeping, and suitably priced.
Also for wages best software is Moneysoft.
Sage is much more expensive

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04th Feb 2014 13:44

VT Transaction +

I am just about to fork out for VT+ as I think its probably the cheapest entry level for me. My main client base will be sole traders, self employed and small Ltd companies. What say you guys...a good fit or something else maybe??

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