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SAGE Prodcuts

SAGE Prodcuts

Hello.. friends

Can anyone tell me what is difference between sage accounts professional 2012 and sage account client manager 2012?

if i take backup from professional 2012 and restore in client manager so its properly working all features or not ? 

how many difference between above version ?


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23rd Nov 2012 08:14

Same Product

They are essentially the same product, Client Manager has all the features of Account Professional but it for accountants rather than 'end users'



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23rd Nov 2012 09:17

Part of Sage's interesting marketing concept

Say to clients - you spend £1,000 on a piece of unwieldy software

Say to Accountants - you spend £750 so you can work on client's dodgy data

Accountant says to client - how about Xero that works just fine and we only pay once !

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