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Sage : Purchase Payments relating to POs

Sage : Purchase Payments relating to POs


I am trying to write a report that shows our Payments made by related Nominal Code.

The Purchase Payments (PP) are however stored with a Nominal Code relating to the bank the money is coming out of.

So I need to relate these PPs to the corresponding Purchase Order Items (which have the correct Nominal Codes against them)

I can happily do a report of Purchase Orders against Nominal Code but as the Payments are not made at the same time the PO is rasied, this is not what I want.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Steve.


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15th Mar 2012 10:34


This is a complex one and, whilst I've not tried it, it may be boyond the capabilites of the Report Designer.

As there is no direct link between a Purchase Payment and a Purchase Order, you'd need to go via the Purchase Invoice as that has links to both.

How familiar are you with the Report Designer and joining tables?


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By tommouk
to Democratus
15th Mar 2012 15:42


Hi John,


I can do complex SQL views so I guess it wont be too much of a problem!


Knowing all the relationships (which Sage don't seem to want us to know) is the difficult bit!


Thanks, Steve.


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