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Sage TB


Anyone out there ever had a Sage TB that doesn't balance after running year end routine??



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Check the codes that cleared in year - end

Check the year-end print out of the nominal codes that were reversed out to move the balances to the retained profit/loss account.  All of the codes should have been from the P&L i.e. codes 4000 onwards - if any were from the BS codes (except for the retained code) then that may account for the discrepancy.  Also check that your chart of accounts layout has all codes in it by clicking check on it .  If nothing is obvious, restore your back up prior to year end (make sure you back up today's data first!) and re-run the year end to see if it happens again.

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Hello Friend,

Try one of the following:

First check your chart of accounts & run the report, if it is showing error then you may have to include those nominals missing.Once that is fixed then you TB should be balanced.

All the best.

Nirav Pandya.


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The TB should balance even if the chart of accounts has errors.

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check data

Run check data to check that there aren't any errors with the data causing corpution.

If there are any warnings or comments, these can be reviewed but if you any details in the errors box, ring sage immediately and seek help from the software providers. A trial balance should balance!

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Reset the bucket accounts
Take a full back up of the SAGE data files.Close all other screens in SAGEChoose File > Maintenance > Recalculate Monthly totals  (later versions of SAGE)

A not uncommon occurrence post year -end.

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Reset Buckets

If the option suuggested by UK Tax is not available when you go to File -> Maintenance, go to Settings -> Financial Year and change the Financial Year to something else then change it back again to what it was and that will force a bucket rebuild.


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