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Sage XBRL tagging software

Sage XBRL tagging software

Have you used Sage's XRBL tagging software, powered by Onesource using accounts prepared in word. What do you think?


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By JKnight
23rd Mar 2011 17:54

No yet

Have Sage actually released their 'Tagging Solution' software? We are still waiting for it.

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23rd Mar 2011 22:51

The software is here

Go to www.sage.co.uk and log in. Then go to "support and training". Then under "software support" and "find support by software" select "sage xbrl tagging" from the drop down list. Under the "news" tab click "sage xbrl tagging" This takes you to a list of download options. I suggest you download them all. The software expires on 31/12/2011. Remember that you need to have permision from Sage. We have sage accounts production standard and sage included it in our package free.

It may, but I do not know, come as free with other packages. I think sage included it to help us, after the problems they had with the delay in revising sage accounts production standard to include xbrl tagging within its programme (not as a separate programme as tagging with onesource from word files is), which is due to be released on 31/03/2011.

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By JKnight
24th Mar 2011 13:43


Thanks for that. I had been looking for it without success on the 'XBRL with Sage' website.

We have SAPA so there was no problem downloading it for free. Now we just have to get it installed and test run it.


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25th Mar 2011 13:06

Well I have SAP

I have SAP rather than SAPA and I cannot find it on the site.

And I do have support. I dont want to use the Word tagging function, I want to be able to produce a set of iXBRL compliant tagged accounts directly from SAP. Has anyne else managed this please?

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By DMGbus
12th Apr 2011 20:24

A few days of frustration

I know of a case where someone(*) has spent about 2 or 3 days trying to get iXBRL filing to work from Sage Accounts Production.     It seems that to date, after 2 or 3 days of aggro the remaining problem is that the iXBRL accounts are not upto standard, suppose it's a further week of speaking to the Sage helpline who are very supportive, yet still no satisfactory outcome despite the extensive time and effort invested (wasted?).

(*) Someone who has extensive experience of Sage accounts formatting and all that similar aggro.

Not heard of similar problems with VT Accounts and other software providors - is it just Sage who are supplying an unpolished product?

The above refers to pretty standard small limited company accounts - the nightmare of Sage iXBRL when more specialist accounts like Clubs and Ltd Companies operated by Charities is something yet to be experienced. 

The above experience reinforces my view that we should use either VT Accounts or HMRC's own software product until the "false-promise" of Sage Accounts Producing "easy" "push one button" iXBRL accounts in satisfactory form is achievable.


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