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Sailing clubs and gift aid

Sailing clubs and gift aid

Can sailing clubs claim gift aid?  I can see form the HMRC website that membership subs cannot qualify since there will be benefits attached to being a member so the member subds arent a donation  but are payment for a benefit.  I'm sure there is a smart way around this. What if you reduced the member fees and added an annual "suggested donation"? Has anyone helped a client put this sort of structure in place?

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18th Nov 2011 11:47

is it a charity

If so, look up the rules on the Charity Commission's web site.

PS - I don't think we sanction 'smart ways' around  anything.

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By imbs
18th Nov 2011 11:50

it is a casc. i have read a good article on hmrc website there now and it seems if they charge a basic membership fee that covers the running costs and then a suggested donation then the donation will qualify. 

i think clients pay us for finding smart (but perfectly legal) ways around these things! There's nothing wrong with it - it adds extra value to the serivce we offer.

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18th Nov 2011 13:09

re casc

I think you will find you cannot enforce the 'donation' and if the club starts throwing members out for not paying they will breach the rules. I looked at it for a local club, decided whilst a good idea in principle it could well turn out to be a nightmare in practice.

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