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SAP Business One reporting

SAP Business One reporting

Would be very interested to hear what tools you use for reporting from SAP Business one.


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By kalewis
25th Apr 2012 13:49

By Design

OK, so it's not Business One, but we use SAP By Design.  I don't know how similar the two packages are, but assume they have similar characteristics.   By Design has a nifty little export to excel button.  Sends everything to excel and manipulate from there......

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By tonyj
26th Apr 2012 22:01

SAP Business One

SAP bought Crystal Reports and we have that for designing our own reports - I thought that it was part of the Business One package. It's very flexible and if you can identify the correct data tables to use you can get good reports out, but it takes time and practice.

Exporting to excel works well and can be quicker for manipulating if you can find all you need in one of the standard reports.

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27th Apr 2012 15:32

Well let us assume you want to produce Management accounts - analysed by month with the total compared to budget data.  You may also want to report on multiple companies with different localisations.

There is a tool for the job called Vision XL which is an add in for excel.  As a result, compared to Crystal it is a far simpler tool because you work in a familiar environment.

You do need to know where to find the data in the appropriate data tables.


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By tonyj
to johngroganjga
27th Apr 2012 21:03

Management Accounts


Luckily my company's management are not too demanding in relation to P&L breakdown and our company structure is simple. The standard P&L report by month, exported to Excel, suffices for us and other reports from Crystal and SAP itself back it up. Sorry I can't be any more help. 

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18th Jan 2013 14:39

Reporting in SAP Business One



I notice you posted this to AccountingWEB last April.

If you are still looking, we have developed an Excel-based reporting package called BVXL which is similar to Vision.  More details on our website


It is futile to ask users to understand the underlying data tables, make joins etc, so we organise all the data for them in BVXL,   

We've installed versions for Sage, Dynamics NAV, Access Dimensions - all the main mid-range accounts packages.

We also have a Business One version for accounting and stock; If you want to produce monthly P and L's vs budget for multiple companies, that is standard stuff and very straightforward..

If it sounds interesting, feel, free to give me a buzz on 01442-216778 and i can fill you in on the details.  But have a look at the website first to make sure it's the sort of reporting tool you are after.

Kind regards

David Carter 


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