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Saving/submitting HMRC accounts

Saving/submitting HMRC accounts

I've already searched for solutions to this particular prob but can't find anything that's worked so far -so apologies if I'm repeating queries by others. I'm filling in my CT600 for a small company and halfway through was unable to save it to either my external hard drive or my network. I've tried to remedy this following various google searches, to no avail (e.g. emptied trash, got rid of things that might be taking up too much space). I got through the whole form and clicked submit...and it's now not submitting! The notice tells me to check I'm connected to the internet (I am) and try again. My trust settings are all fine and I'm using the correct version of Adobe Reader. 

Has anyone else had this problem? Are the two related? Any solutions very welcome!!


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12th Sep 2012 12:46


there is an icon on the top line of your adobe software with a floppy disk sign-use that to save to a file- if its not yet neing accepted-this process will produce an error report saying what you have missed off the accounts such as signatory date-which is a common one. 

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By ewartr
14th Sep 2012 12:32

Regarding saving the HMRC CT600, we found that we cannot access some CT600s subsequently (eg checking last year's computation when doing this year's one).

There have been many complaints about HMRC's CT600 in this respect.  For example, see this thread:


We don't generally keep paper copies but save to pdf wherever possible.  HMRC's CT600 does not seem to permit a "simple" pdf copy to be printed.  (Please correct me anyone if I am wrong.)

The workaround we adopted was to print to Microsoft XPS Document Writer, then to open this and print it to pdf as usual.  HMRC seem to put no effort into being user-friendly when doing so would increase compliance.


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