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self assesment

self assesment

i could use some experienced advice, for i ran out of ideas and options.

i worked for like 6 months (september 2011 february 2012) as a self employed labourer through a workforce agency . i had to pay 30 percent tax (im not a british national and i only have  an utr number not a national insurance number (didnt bother to get one.. i know i should have got one)

the only reason for doing such a crazy thing and paying so much tax was because i was certain that ill get it all back (the gross income is under 7000 quid) kinda like some  forcefull saving might say

i did the SA online, because i thought i ll get the money  faster. but here i am , still nothing in my account.

i called them and emailed them and they told me that they sent me a letter telling me of what to rectify, but i received nothing. (i live in a shared apartment, and mail usually gets lost) called them and told them that ... they told me theyll call me ...nobody did.

 i cant tell you how bad i need that money, for now i am unemployed, relying on my friends, debt ridden.

my best bet is that i made a mistake when filling the SA online, even though i cant see how i could have done that, for i only completed the short self employed page and put in those figures that i received from the company that payed my taxes from the anual cis report .

when i log on the hmrc site i get the message : you have overpaid. xxxx is available for repayment.

great !!!! i request a repayment put in my account details, and after 48 hours nothing happens and i can  do it again.

when i click on (repayments paid) i get the amount that i am owned  "not yet allocated"

i could really use some advice, what can i do to get that money asap.  if i find an accountant will he/she be able to get me that money within 1-2  weeks ?? 

what can i do ???


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28th May 2012 16:40

The last refund i got for a client took 24 days from submitting online to him receiving the bank credit. Maybe yours is still in the "being processed" stage as opposed to "gone missing / not being dealt with"?

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By ACDWebb
28th May 2012 16:57

I suspect

that there is a stop on your record as "they sent me a letter telling me of what to rectify" and you have not done so yet, because you have not received their letter.

It's likely that until the item need ing correction is cleared nothing will happen, so you need to get hold of the alleged letter

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By magus
29th May 2012 11:50

yes online , it still says in

1 yes,  online , it still says in progress...


2 well, i share an apartment with some ppl that do not like me (i dont like them aswell) and they probably destroyed my mail.


cant the hmrc call me  ? i called them and told them to do that ... i m still waiting for them to do it  

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By ACDWebb
29th May 2012 11:56

Try to find a phone number
for the local HMRC Enquiry office (assuming there is still such a beast near you) and ring them to make an appointment to go in & discuss this.

Hopefully if you can do that they will be able to access the letter and make the changes while you are there

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By magus
29th May 2012 16:35


thanks for the advice my friend. did that. they told me that untill july they are fully booked

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29th May 2012 20:46

I would....

....make the appointment for July just in cash (you can always cancel). Ask them to send the letter again (seeing as you're now unemployed you are more likely to get your hands on it before your housemates!).

It sounds as though you have inadvertently put something in the wrong place.


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