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Self Assesment - shares question

Self Assesment - shares question

I'm doing the capital gains section, using HMRC's computation worksheets.  I've completed a couple of sheets for share options that I exercised.  However, the company withheld tax and NI when they were exercised (51% in total) - how do I deal with that?

I also sold some shares that were accumulated over time via a company share plan.  The computation sheet requires a date of acquisition and cost/ market value.  These were issued over time (dozens & dozens of occasions), all at different prices.  How do I deal with this? 
many thanks in advance


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20th Apr 2012 16:07

Share options

come in many different guises -  check out HMRC helpsheet 287 on employee share schemes to find out how to calculate your cost for capital gains purposes.

The different acquisition dates may not be an issue unless you bought the first ones before 2003 or (exceptionally) before 1998.  You may find it easier to do the working out on a spreadsheet if the dates are important and there are a very large number of separate transactions

Remember too that if you have sold only some of your shares, the shares actually sold will be the later ones bought - last in, first out.


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20th Apr 2012 16:14

thank you Steve - my issue is also with the fact that the software asks me to enter each date of acquisition for the ones sold - is there a way around it? perhaps I am not looking right

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23rd Apr 2012 08:59

Date issues

If the dates do not affect the calculation, as is often the case, it is perfectly reasonable to include all the acquisitions under one date on the tax return, with all the costs added together. You will in any case need to send a detailed calculation to HMRC, and additional information can be included at that stage. However where the dates do make a difference, each acquisition must be shown separately.

Happy to help if needed!

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23rd Apr 2012 09:29

Thanks Steve

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