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Self assessment statements not sent?

Self assessment statements not sent?

I am currently checking my clients' 31 July payments due online and of the first 6 clients that I have checked I find 3 do not appear to have been sent Statements of Account.

Does anyone know if there is a problem with SA statements of account not beeing sent?


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By Nevill
13th Jul 2010 09:35

SA Statements Late

They seem to be sending the statements out now. I received mine on Saturday. Typical of HMRC.

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13th Jul 2010 09:58

Not got any for a long time

I thought they'd stopped sending them to agents.

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13th Jul 2010 12:12



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By yardy
13th Jul 2010 16:48


yes but if you look at these the staements are all dated before the end of June...

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13th Jul 2010 18:16

You think they are competent?

You expect HMRC to put a statement in the post the same day like we do?

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14th Jul 2010 11:59

Check with your client

I know that some clients have received statements, but the statements are not showing up on HMRC's Online Services. Agent batch copies have indeed gone, July 2008 being the last time they were sent out. The lack of a statement could be a good excuse to tease clients into electronic payment.

I know for some clients we receive the statements on their behalf. You can alter this by phoning HMRC to request the change. Personally I prefer the client to receive it - copies are generally online, as is the (almost) up-to-date information which is infinitely more useful.


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14th Jul 2010 13:05

Wait a while?

I've had a few clients also saying that they haven't receieved theirs. Given that there is till two and a half weeks until the end of the month then maybe worth a wait? What I have advised my clients is to wait until next monday and if they haven't receieved one, to give me a call and I'll send them an alternative payslip so they can pay.

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14th Jul 2010 14:25

Just in

Received mine Saturday dated 26 June.

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14th Jul 2010 14:38


dITTO, seem to take 2 -3 weeks from date to arrive.


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14th Jul 2010 19:18

Pay online

"I'll send them an alternative payslip so they can pay."

My clients usually pay online.

What's wrong with just having a UTR - why make the reference so complicated? Why have to accounts offices? It's unnecessary.

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19th Jul 2010 13:20

Self assessment statements sent late

Has anyone considered that it is not the Revenue who are at fault, but the Post Office?

My husband had a hospital letter on Saturday, 17th July dated 24th June. It was to remind him of an appointment on 7th July! I can't think that the NHS held this letter back as well, so perhaps the postal services are also to blame for the HMRC Self assessment statements being received late with a June date on them.

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19th Jul 2010 13:26

Yes but it's not

Sometimes other letters are received late but HMRC machine printed letters are ALWAYS received late.

So, the answer is, yes, I have considered that it could be the Post Office but I think the evidence indicates it is HMRC. In fact HMRC staff blame the outsourcing system they have in place for bulk post.

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