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Share capital redemption under CA2006

Share capital redemption under CA2006

Is anyone aware of a document pack for doing this. have a number of clients it might benefit but the cost being quoted by my usual consultants is a bit stiff.


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06th Nov 2009 15:41

Reduction of Share Capital

Do you mean the reduction of share capital? If so, why not have a look at ss641-644 of CA2006 and see if there's anything you can't handle. In my view you should caution directors to take legal advice before signing a solvency statement. Not aware of any document pack geared towards this, and I'd be surprised if there was one.

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By MonicaP
09th Nov 2009 11:44

Reduction of share capital

Hi there,

Can I clarify what it is you need.  Is it a redemption of shares or a reduction of share capital?


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