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shipley or cumbernauld

shipley or cumbernauld

where a client cant find the CT payslip how do you tell which office to pay or doesnt it really matter  - sorry  my brains gone today


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By ACDWebb
25th Oct 2011 14:18

The SA notes re payment say
Providing HMRC bank account details

You will need to provide your bank or building society with HMRC's bank account details. Please refer to the back of your payment reminder to check which of the Accounts Offices below is relevant for you. If you have not received a payment reminder and are unsure which Accounts Office details you should use please use the Cumbernauld details.

Part way down this link - Paying by internet or telephone banking

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25th Oct 2011 14:20

Tolleys Tax Office Directory

... tells you the accounts office for each tax district.  Give me a district number and I will tell you whether it is Shipley or Cumbernauld.

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26th Oct 2011 13:41

sorry was out

its 281 thanks in advance Euan

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