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Should the owner of a Ltd company register as employer if it´s non uk resident?

Hi everyone! This is my first post (sorry if i have already done something wrong...)

I live in Spain and I want to register online a Limited Company in the UK. I am the only owner but i don´t want to appear as an employee nor a director.

I´m just the owner. But i have read in the HMRC webpage that as the only owner, I have to be the director and also register as employer and as employee too.

Is this applicable if i´m not UK resident?


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31st Jul 2012 14:17

UK Company

From what you say, it appears that your company will be subject to UK legislation and, therefore, it must have at least one director.

If you personally do not wish to be the director, you will need to find someone else to undertake this role for you.

I cannot see on the HMRC website where it tells you that you have to be the director and also have to register as an employer. Perhaps you could post a link?

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