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Having supported this Government's rapacious tax policies for years, on the grounds that politicians needed the flood of cash for social change, did anyone read Simon Sweetman's article pointing out that all of the the money has instead gone to super-wealthy bankers and MPs with triple home allowances ?

Strangely enough, neither did I.

best wishes, ..

Mike Bassy


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Simon Sweetman
I thought I'd give the chap a fair crack of the whip so read about his experiences during his visit to the HMRC borefest in London.

Ten out of ten for producing 12 paragraphs that said nothing or, if it did, it went way over my head.

I'm obviously not bright enough to grasp these things, but in particular the statement that "HMRC participants were asked to commit to two customer focussed changes that they would take back into their work".

Were they given a selection from which to pick two or were the staff members put on trust to create and implement two of their own?

Nuff said.

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I rest my case milud..
and by the way Mr Smartypants just why is a music reviewer for the "Dominion Post" writing tax articles in support of the government...??

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Who is Simon Sweetman?

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trouble with accountancy is .....
is that its full of head up yer a*** types for whom life is a terribly serious business that must be seriously...this is why Joe Public think we're a bunch of weirdos who spend the weekends hanging over railway bridges or attending "model" conventions...

who is Simon Sweatshop he an anagram of Swiss Tony or related to Ronald McBurger...??...I think we should be told...

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Having once made the mistake of doing so, I don’t read Simon Sweetman’s utterly pointless articles any more. I’m surprised that anyone does - maybe those with a penchant for a glass of cider while watching the willow smack the leather across the village green - not my bag at all.

Mike Bassy, however, is always good value. He should be given his own regular column here.

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Shirley you must be joking

Hi yes hello

I too did not read Simon Feetmans article, nor did i read Mike's, in fact i have not read what i am writing so please excuse my bad spilling.

Chow for Now

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Well played
OK, confusion dispelled. One of your better ones, Mike.

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back to basics.
Oh lord, I really know I'm writing for accountants when I have to explain the term " irony ".

Pay attention Class One. The author of this article is comparing Simon Sweetman's numerous articles supporting high taxes with his resounding silence on how the money has subsequently been spent.

Gosh, do you fellows ever read anything other than a calculator ? To you, Philip Larkin must sound like a boy with a behavioural problem. And I dread to think of what you'd conclude for Andrew Motion.

Best wishes,


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Good Post - Keep it Up
F*** knows what it means but it's worthy competition for Ronald and Swiss.

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Who exactly are you saying supported the government's allegedly rapacious tax policies for years?

If, as you say, you did not read the article concerned, why you decide to comment upon it?

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