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Simple (?!) Vat Invoice query

Simple (?!) Vat Invoice query

I have received a couple of invoices from a supplier and have just noticed they have not included their Vat registration number on the invoice.

I know for a fact they are Vat registered.  Presumably I need to ask them to Credit our the old invoices (oldest one dates back to early 2010) and raise new ones including the number?


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11th Mar 2011 15:06

Incorrect Reclaim

 If there is no valid VAT number there is no valid input tax claim.



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11th Mar 2011 15:53

Can I...........

............just email and ask for it, or should we strictly credit and re-invoice?

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12th Mar 2011 11:09


You cannot just call or e-mail to ask them what their VAT registration number is and then, write it by hand on the invoices from them.

But it is not necessary to get them to raise credit notes to cancel the original invoices and issue new invoices unless they had applied for, but not received their VAT registration number, at the time of the original invoices.  They can just send you another copy of the original invoice showing the VAT registration number.

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17th Mar 2011 21:18

The whole fabric of society is under threat

 This really brings out the anarchist in me

Just think how society as we know it would disintegrate if *gasp* we were to write VAT numbers on invoices that lacked them.

It doesn't bear thinking about!

Why do was as democratic citizens put up with such pettifogging mindless bureaucracy??

Next they will be telling us that we have to charge VAT on Jaffa cakes because they are biscuit-shaped or something.......


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