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Simply Personnel Software

Does anyone out there have any experience of the Simply Personnel software. Up to now I've used the Croner Essential Facts Employment software plus ACAS etc. to draft HR policies and to deal with any HR problems - we're a small company so I deal with all the admin not just the finance. Just wondered if anyone knows this product.


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13th Sep 2011 15:40

I tested this product in a previous job and really didnt like it.

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15th Sep 2011 11:22

Simply HR

Any reason why you didn't like it? I've been looking at Sage HR with HR Advice Professional and Sage Legislation Manager. Don't suppose you've looked at these? Did you use something else instead of Simply HR. Up to now I've used Croner Essential Facts Employment (loose leaf updates) and have used Business Link and ACAS to draft my HR policies. I would like something that does the drafting for me but I'm on a small budget of approx. £500 to £600 per annum.


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15th Jul 2013 22:08

Simply Personnel has lots of good features. We've used it in my company for many years.

The only problem is it never seems to get updated, problems take a long time to get fixed and  its starting to look very outdated.

I will be looking to move at renewal,  does snyone else have any experience with other low cost HR software?

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16th Oct 2014 16:31

Simply Personnel
We use Simply Personnel and upgraded from XP to windows 7 over 3 years ago.

This resulted in us loosing all our employees documents, 3 years later still no fix.

There suggestion was to keep an XP machine so we can access them. :(

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23rd Mar 2015 20:35

Simply Personnel

We use the the online version of Simply Personnel, its pretty neat: - worth a look.

There accounts department isn't too great though, they haven't billed us for 3 years. Cant complain though :)

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