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Social Club - audit

Social Club - audit

I am FCCA qualified, I was practising as a responsible individual (registered auditor) a few years back.  If I wanted to take a social club on as a client (which requires an audit) can I do this with a standard practising certificate or would I need to re-apply for registered auditor status.

It is not economically viable to do this for such a small concern.

If anyine knows I would be grateful f you could direct me to a relevant source.




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18th Apr 2012 21:32

If it requires a audit by a registered auditor
Then yes, you would need to re-register.

However check the social club constituition carefully - if the audit is purely a internal requirement you may be able to do it dependant in what the precise wording is, however if it is imposed by legislatin, eg Companies/Charities/I&P acts then, alas, no way around it.

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19th Apr 2012 14:51

If it is an IPS and does not break any stautory thresholds.

Then provided the constitution does not require an audit and the members resolve annually not to have an audit you are OK.

Otherwise you will have to find a local registered auditor to sign off your work, which does rather depend on how much work there is apart from the audit.

We work like this with several local firms who are not registered.

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19th Apr 2012 13:11

@Chris - I am willing to be corrected - not in the least as I can't be bothered to look it up - but I thought IPSs had a audit threshold similar to companies / charities?

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19th Apr 2012 14:50

Yes provided it's small enough..

Sorry head full of cotton wool today

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