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I got one client who is using Quicken, Majority of clients are using sage, xl or quickbooks.

Can anyone tell that if I can free reader version of Quicken or i have to purchase the software (once i downloaded the free version) since i changed may machine and lost the software.



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How many machines does your client's software license cover?

If you use his software only to work on his books/accounts aren't you covered by his license?

Probably getting into deep legal problems here, perhaps someone has the answer.


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I was under the impression that Intuit withdrew 'Quicken' from the UK market about 7 years ago.  It might be arguable that it is therefore "abandon-ware".  

3 choices as I see it.

1. Use the client's key - technically naughty unless it allows use on 2+ computers but you're unlikely to have "FAST" after you for a long since obsolete application if you're only using it to work on the same data as the client's licensed copy.

2. Buy a copy on e-bay (or similar). (check it will work on Vista/W7 if you use these) 

3. Explain to your client the software is obsolete, carries no support and is effectively unobtainable ... switch to something else. 

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