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Software capable of dealing with overseas VAT registrations

Software capable of dealing with overseas VAT...

We have VAT registrations in the UK and Portugal. Our accounting software, Iris Exchequer, is really just UK based. We have a bit of a workaround that lets us deal with Portuguese VAT but we are expanding in Europe and will be registered in several more EU countries soon. The workaround will not be able to cope with this and we are looking for new accounting software.

Does anyone know of accounting software that can deal with several different VAT registrations in different countries?



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By Hansa
26th Apr 2012 16:29


We use VT for companies registered as far afield as Malta, Cyprus to Singapore (GST) and HK. No problems in setting up VAT for any of them although the draft VAT return will need to be changed.

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By cyoung
26th Apr 2012 16:36

I should maybe explain that we have a turnover of around £35m and need to have a system that can deal with stock by batch.

We are one company and will not be setting up seperate companies in each country so the software needs to be able produce different VAT reports depending on both the country sold to and the terms of sale as our CIF sales fall outside the scope of VAT because they have not been imported at the time of sale.

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By Hansa
26th Apr 2012 17:58

Sorry ...

I assumed you were preparing branch accounts.  You'll need a fairly heavyweight programme for this ... maybe others can recommend.

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By Suntree
27th Apr 2012 14:53

Try this...


I know Liquid handles multiple EU   VAT registrations. Don’t know much more detail than that, but maybe it will help you.


The other software is SAP, which definitely does what you need.

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By cyoung
27th Apr 2012 15:01

Liquid accounts and SAP.... talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!.

Liquid accounts unfortunately does not have a very sophisticated stock control system, which is an essential requirement for us.

Does anyone know if Navision can be configured with mulitple VAT registrations?

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