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Software for computing capital gains tax

Software for computing capital gains tax

We are looking for a capital gains tax software that combines with other income (SA style) software as we need to do a couple of CGT computations every year- share disposals, sale of property. We have been using our own template in excel but it does not take into account different possibilities and scenarios plus it is time consuming as well as the format can change as required. We have tried using Tax Tip Tools CGT calculator but found it to be a bit more complicated and underlying workings are not shown. We are looking for something not very complicated & costly but easy to use, for example, we can input the dates of purchases, costs, dates & types of use, further costs incurred, selling costs etc. It would be added value if the detailed calculations can shown in another part of the software and the summary then gets picked up on the Capital Gains summary page. For example, having a facility to add different types of enhancement costs with dates when incurred & the total of these ending up in the summary CG pages.

Can anyone recommend any such software? We would like to hear from users or vendors of such software. We do not use the HMRC Online software at all. Also, maybe other practitioners can advice us what they do when they have to deal with such add-hoc transactions? 

Thank you.


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07th Aug 2012 09:36

Iris Personal Tax - but it is very expensive

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07th Aug 2012 09:50

Iris may be expensive but its second to none. Our practice couldnt run without it.

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By PaulFSZ
07th Aug 2012 12:35


Many thanks for the comments. We will download evaluation copies and try them out.

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