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Statutory Books

I maintain all of my business records and accounts on computer ( Quickbooks) but have been asked to provide my 'statutory books' - Please could you tell me what these are!!
Margaret Platt


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Electronic files
This is also an uncertainty in my mind. I am similarly keeping my records on Quickbooks.
If the Revenue or HMC&E require information, do I send them my file or do I have to print out all the relevant information.
Any further comments would be appreciated.

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Statutory Books are the requirement by law (under the companies Act 2006)  in the UK which requires all Limited Companies to keep at the registered office address a company register.  It would record all company activity of shares, members, transfers, miuntes etc. For a full listing of what is required by law visit this page on the web (they also sell the statutory books) I have used them in the past for clients registers and seals. They also send with each company register explanatory notes on how to keep your records upto date. 

I hope this helps - goodluck.

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