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Strange behaviour in Sage Accounts 50

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem....

When inputting a customer receipt on Sage 50, on entering the value of the receipt against the invoice line (we do a lot of payments by instalment), the cursor will flip back to the start of the number, and I have to hilight what's already in the box and type again.  It's extremely annoying and means I have to check every single number I put in to make sure that it is correct.

I put up with this for a while, but when inputting a large number of transactions earlier this year, got a bit fed up with the extra work, so phoned Sage.  They said it "wasn't a known problem" and suggested that something on my PC was clashing with the Sage programme, causing the strange behaviour. 

I had no choice but to accept their explanation. 

I use the same programme on my laptop, completely separate from the PC mentioned above.  The same problem's now started happening on my laptop.  Grrr!!! 

Before I go back to Sage, I just wondered if anyone else out there was having a similar problem?



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Strange Behaviour

You don't say which version of Sage 50 you are using but it's not an issue I've seen on any version from v3 up to the current version.

You say the problem also occurs on your laptop - are you using the same data that is in use on the other PC?  If you try the Demodata, does the same issue occur there?


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Version 16 (2010)

It's 2010 version 16.  Completely different data sets on both computers.  (On the desktop is my client's copy of Sage - same version, and on the laptop is another of my clients' data, and my own).

Thanks for the response.

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Strange Behaviour

In which case, you've got me, I've been using v2010 on XP, Vista & Win 7 for over 12 months now and I've never seen what you describe...


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peripherals errors

I too have had this problem. It was a problem with the screen, not the computer. The screen 'refreshes' itself and everytime it does this, the cursor moves back to the previous position.

It can also be caused by a break in the cabling to the screen or the mouse.

Try swapping the cables first as this is the easiest option to check.  I resolved it by buying a new flat-screen!

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Will test your theory!

Thanks for that - will go next door (where they have a glut of spare VDU's) and will do a raid - will report back.


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Change of screen didn't help, but change of cable did.   I'm am now a VERY happy bunny.

Thank you.  AccountingWeb comes to the rescue again.


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Hasn't worked after all...

Looked good, but just started next batch of input, and it's up to its old tricks again.  Any more suggestions anyone??

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Since the problem was temporarily resolved..

I think you must be on the right track. In fitting screens and changing cables, you may have disturbed something else temporarily solving the problem. As was suggested, try changing the mouse cable and might be worth giving the keyboard a go as well. Make sure all your connections are well seated.

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Cable problems

Whilst a problem with a screen could not cause this issue I can see how damaged mouse cable could do however, in the original post, it was stated that the problem occurred on 2 completely seperate PCs so changing the hardware on one PC isn't going to have an affect on the other...


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Good point

"however, in the original post, it was stated that the problem occurred on 2 completely seperate PCs"

So hardware unlikely and not a commonly reported problem. Perish the thought but maybe Sage is right. Have you got any programs common to both machines which are outside the normal business mainstream? Can you try closing down other programs including anti-virus *, etc. one by one and see if it cures the problem? Hopefully there will be somebody along soon who knows what they are talking about.

* Only if off any network or online connection I suggest.

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More Info

Desktop is on client's network.  Different operating system. Wireless mouse (so no cabling issues!).  Problem has been occuring since January 2010. 

Laptop is my own. Completely separate from network.  Different operating system. Wireless mouse again.  No changes to software or hardware prior to the problem occurring.  I have imported data (by restoring a backup) to my copy of Sage.  (Using the same version on both machines, but a 2 company licence on the desktop and a 5 company licence on my laptop)

Will be using the laptop in another location tomorrow, with different peripherals.  Will see what happens.

(It is a VERY annoying problem, and it seemed to be even worse yesterday)

Thanks to all for the advice.

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