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Suggestion for accounting package which copes well with monthly billing

Suggestion for accounting package which copes...

Can anyone suggest software which copes well with monthly billing?

What I need to do is to create an invoice which shows monthly due dates for the next quarter or will just send a monthly invoice for a payment received.

I want something that is quick and easy to use and will handle monthly billing for 100+ clients with minimal intervention.


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04th Oct 2010 10:52

How about Brightpearl?

Morning Happy

We use Brightpearl in our own business and also resell it. Brightpearl only allows one Due Date to be set per Order/Invoice, so to meet your requirements, an invoice will need to be created each month for each customer.

The application has a clone feature which, after creating a "base" sales order/invoice, allows the user to copy it multiple times. The number of occurances and the frequency can be set at your discretion. To raise the invoices each month, Orders can be filtered on Tax Date and converted to invoices.

The software is not difficult or complicated to use but as with any software, setup is key. Get this right and day to day use will become second nature in no time. We can help with this. I am happy to provide demonstrations, discussions FOC and from that, provide you a proposal to set it up.

For more information about our Brightpearl Consultancy, please see: http://www.recenseo.co.uk/business-management-software/brightpearl-web-based-accounting-crm-software/brightpearlconsultancy/

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards


[email protected]




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04th Oct 2010 19:08

we use quickbooks

it will depend on the wording that you require every month

set up an invoice and memorise it then simply press edit / enter every month 

i do not quite understand your comment  re due dates for the next quarter  - is there a disconnect here

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04th Oct 2010 19:55

Kashflow For Me

Kashflow, does this superbly.  Once you've set a recurring invoice up, it even automatically e mails the invoices to your clients for you, with no manual intervention.  You can set the text on both the invoice and the email to change with the month automatically...so May becomes June etc

No connection to the product, apart from being a delighted user


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06th Oct 2010 13:53


As Stewie says, KashFlow does this on a "set it and forget it" basis.

You set it up once and leave it to it, no manual intervention required.
The wording of the invoice and the email is automatically updated with the relevant dates/month names
Having the invoice automatically emailed to customers is optional.

You, as the user, also get a summary email confirming the invoices have been created and emailed if applicable.

You can try it over the next two months without any charge or obligation. Just fill in this form and you'll be up and running in minutes (Go to Sales -> Repeat Invoices after entering your customers)

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with the company (CEO, Founder, majority shareholder)

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06th Oct 2010 15:24

well i am up for giving KASHFLOW another go

i never really had time to look at last time Duane and i am a little anti adding bits on as i go along as my mind wanders and i like to check out different facilities / reports on an ad hoc basis

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By jsu
07th Oct 2010 15:15

Monthly Billing in E-conomic

If you are looking for a solution why not try E-conomic. The Subscription module allows you to create different subscriptions, monthly, quarterly etc, different charges rates and link to your customers. Invoices can then be run off and emailed out. You can try it out http://www.e-conomic.co.uk/accountingsystem/trial/  

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07th Oct 2010 15:26


Personally I prefer the look and feel of Xero - compared to Kashflow - simillar functionality to set up recurring monthly invoices.

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By cbales
07th Oct 2010 16:43

QuickBooks can handle this easily

Use the memorised transaction facilities with either regular amounts or with narrative only leaving you to enter the bill value.  Use the time sheets facility to record client chargeable hours and rates and allocate disbursements/rechargeable costs direct to individual clients and include in invoices at the click of a button.

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07th Oct 2010 17:15

have alook at the following free prog


I am not a re-seller but we do recommend it to clients


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07th Oct 2010 18:18

Easy with Aqilla

Set up a template once and then trigger each month or post them. Invoices for product, non-standard and service items can be emailed or printed (as can statements). You can add extensive analysis as well as standard text. Direct debits / payments also can be easily and automatically reconciled. Once the cash hits your bank, again you can upload a bank statement file and perform an automatic bank-rec. Take a look at www.aqilla.com.



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By Moleie
18th Jan 2011 14:38

Iris Accounting

Although I don't have that much expiriance using it my self, I know we use Iris Accountig Software to do something similar to that, Just thought I'd throw it out there as no one else has mentioned it yet.

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By cbales
18th Jan 2011 15:51

QuickBooks can handle this easily using the inbuilt memorised transactions routine.  You effectively set up the first invoice in the system, record it then memorise the transaction for regular recurrence. 

The invoices can be printed onto preprinted stationery, letterheading or onto plain white paper.  For the latter 2,  you can make use of standard formats which come with the software or you design your own using the inbuilt template forms designer.  For printing onto plain white paper, you can also load a business logo into the system and it prints the lot together.

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03rd Feb 2017 12:33

It will be better if you can go ahead with Nomisma cloud based accounting software because nomisma has excellent software modules like payrolls, bookkeeping, self-assessment and much more. And it’s Very to use anywhere anytime as I am current user of this excellent accounting software. For more information http://www.nomismasolution.co.uk


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03rd Feb 2017 14:50

I feel like people who own/run/staff of service providers should have a special flag next to their posts so it is obvious they have a vested interest...

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