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Suggestions for ixbrl accounts software ?

We need to replace our Absolute ixbrl accounts software, after bad experiences.

Any suggestions for a very simple easily-editable replacement for inputting from final TB for up to 25 companies ?


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Look no further than VT+!  Download the demo but its pretty much the industry standard for most small practices.

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Or try Comprehensive Accounts (

You can download a trial to see how it fits with your way of working.

Entry is keyed from a final TB, but is easily amendable for changes, with straightforward data input.


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How about DataTracks or

How about DataTracks, Digita, Caseware or CoreFiling? Many more options and their details are also available on our Suppliers' page

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Most of the guys on here use VT & Taxcalc I looked at both but wanted something more as was wanting a fully intergrated solution with good Practice Management functionality.

After 20 years of using Sage products I switched to Digita and must say I am nothing but impressed with it.

As inventions go its up there with Fire, Sky + & Plastic Snow Shovels.

The accounts package is excellant and is available as standalone but for time saving the full integration suite is superb, defo worth a look at.

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100% customer satisfaction in the ICAEW survey.  Very cost effective.  Need I say more?

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Sage is not as integrated as would like

The Sage iXBRL "solution" can be very time consuming and challenging...

1.  Create iXBRL accounts in Sage Accounts Production (SAP)

2.  Manually retype P&L into Sage Corporation Tax programme

3. When it comes to filing have to navigate to find the SAP-produced iXBRL accounts to attach to the CT600 online iXBRL filing.

So much for expecting benefits from using both Accounts and CT600 software from the same software house! (**)

I've missed out all the other hassle of Sage - hidden / unintuitive routines to get tax computations correct  - that's why, with Sage, it is necessary to produce tax comps in Excel first, then see if Sage can come up with the same correct answer as to tax liability (will it claim WDAs twice?  Will it fail to claim WDAs?   Which hidden box in the software interface hasn't been completed or ticked?).


(**) Problem I find across many Sage products is that there's a rag-bag of acquired products written under different disciplines and Sage has it's hands full getting them consistent and integrated.  In some Sage programmes the date has been YYYY format for the year, in others it's been YY format.   With iXBRL accounts in SAP at last we have a proper user-friendy interface for choosing notes inclusion (or exclusion) - but only in the iXBRL accounts - still a horror story in the statutory / abbreviated accounts to get chosen / correct notes included because of a horrible interface with complicated computer code to be contended with. The horror story of SAP has resulted in incorrect disclosures (too much information disclosed) in some Abbreviated Accounts filed at Companies House.

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I should make it clear that I have no problem with the Absolute software, which I believe is based on David Forbes' , just with the support.

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I also use Absolute

Terry.smith wrote:


I should make it clear that I have no problem with the Absolute software, which I believe is based on David Forbes' , just with the support.


I also use Absolute software and when I have needed their support, my experience has been good - speedy and generally my queries have been resolved straight away.

Last year I was preparing the capital allowances computations for a sole trader. I needed to make a private use restriction and discovered that only whole percentages could be used. I wanted to have a 2.5% restriction. So I rang support. They confirmed my findings. Within one day they provided me with a patch so that I could do what I wanted. That patch was subsequently included in their next update.

Yes, it's fairly trivial and one could argue that it should already have been available, but the fact is that Absolute did respond speedily, and that's what support is all about.


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Manually retype P&L into Sage Corporation Tax programme


Why do you manually retype the P&L? Use the export/import:

From SAP, export the data and the import wizard will automatically start and guide you through.

If you're unsure about how to export the data or how the import wizard works, please refer to the Link Guide - you'll find it in the /Docs folder where the CT software is installed and on the DVD. It covers the SAP and CT side.

It really is very straightforward and saves so much re-keying time. If you still stuck, contact the helpful support team at Sage.

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VT Accounts with BTC...

...We moved from Iris to VT (final accounts) with BTC (for database and Tax) around 6 months ago.  Best decision we have made!

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VT without question but Digita for corporation tax

VT is excellent. Not as pretty to look at as some programs but works well. I have used it for over 15 years.

Clients also like free version. Then it is so easy to prepare accounts.

Host the data file on Dropbox and then there is no more sending memory sticks around or fearing the client will not restore the data.


I use Digita Co Tax along side. Again, used Digita for several years. A little more expensive than others but outstanding products. That said I still use VT over their accounts module.


I trialed BTC. It is very good and the helpline was good, but Digita will handle almost everything and I felt BTC needed to get a little better. That was a year ago, so perhaps worth a look now.

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Absolute Accounting

I've been using Absolute Accounting's S/.ware for nearly 3 yrs having switched from PTP. I use accounts & Protax [SA & CT] is linked up using the Client DB. It is based on Forbes and it has come leaps and bounds in the last 3 yrs.

Bemused at Terry's comment re support, I have only found them to be excellent, very responsive [quicker than any I have come across in more than 30yrs] and resolve quickly, even coming onto my PC on the odd occasion to actually see the problem.

Only real gripe I have had is over LLP accounts which can't be sent online but as it was only our business who was LLP converting to Ltd last April resolved it albeit it wasn't the reason for the change ;-)

Other modules available incl practice man't & Co Sec'l

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iXBRL software

I use Accounts Production from PTP. Seems to work well for me and is inexpensive.

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I file manually. It really works and it's safe.

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I would suggest that you take a look at

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Feel free to check out Keytime. We offer two Accounts packages and I will be happy to understand your needs more and perhaps arrange a demo of the software?



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Anybody using CCH?

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Integrated accounts and tax software

I am thinking of moving from Iris to Absolute - any thoughts,tips,experiences,warnings etc much appreciated


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Iris to Absolute

Hi Brian

I moved from PTP to Absolute when Absolute were just launching so it was bit tough but their support was excellent and I got there. The product has matured a lot in the last 3yrs or so and in my experience [30+ yrs involvement with IT] their support is second to none, you can call in but I usually email as they typically respond within the hour and on the odd occasion when they haven't been able to replicate or fully understand the issue have come on to my PC to see it. Solutions and/or fixes/patches where required are quick on delivery.




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Iris to absolute


thanks,really helpful.Absolute appears to work on similar inegrated lines to Iris,with 'once only' inputting of raw data finding its way to accounts prep and at the same time personal/partnership/company tax returns.Am I on the right lines with this assumption ?



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