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Tax Avoidance Schemes

Tax Avoidance Schemes

I have a number of clients involved in these aggressive tax avoidance schemes (working wheels, manufactured dividend schemes, film exit plans etc etc) for 06/07 onwards, does anyone actually think these will work?

Bob Anderson


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04th Mar 2009 13:10

Cover themselves
If they can, by buying CTD for the tax at issue.

While back I dealt with 2 clients who had independently gone into an aggressive scheme, which was successfully challenged. The one who had bought a CTD was sanguine - you win some, you lose some. The other stood potentially to lose his house and was not a happy bunny to say the least.

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By Anonymous
03rd Mar 2009 16:33

in my experience, albeit not extensive, if the scheme has a DOTAS number, it is doubtful they will work...

however, what happens sometimes is that HMRC will make a settlement offer to get the matter dealt with, meaning that overall, the client may have saved some tax...

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By Anonymous
03rd Mar 2009 15:01

Bit late Bob.. be worrying about that if they've already done them ?

Horses for courses with these things depending entirely on the client and scheme.

If you present it as it could work however may well be challenged by HMRC with the matter potentially dragging on through the courts for the next few years with no guarantee the promotors will still be around to funds the fees as promised then that does put some clients off.

Others not so as long as you've put sufficient health warnings in place caveat emptor etc.

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03rd Mar 2009 09:17

It will until it is challenged
Until it is challenged we will never really know.

But I would be surprised if most of these schemes got through an inspection without any problems.

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24th Nov 2010 09:52


Have a client who entered such a scheme back in 2007 and was wondering whether anyone could provide me with an update re: HMRC 

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