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Tax-free earnings in the UK.

Tax-free earnings in the UK.

I recently heard about a UK citizen, born and bred in England and living in the city of London, who is employed as an employee by the European Investment Bank and... hold your breath, please (or look away now if you work for HMRC)... pays no income tax on her earnings! Unusual or not?
John Wright


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05th Jun 2009 13:05

Tax-free earnings while working in UK.
Thanks ebeneezer cuckpowder for your excellent answer. What a wonderful accountant, if accountant you be.

Expect an unholy scramble by soon-to-be ex-MPs for the jobs at these European institutions. If you see a stampede of pigs rushing and snorting greedily along the streets of London, that will be these MPs in their (expense-paid) disguises heading for the European Investment Bank.

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05th Jun 2009 10:01

The wasters of Westminster.........
............must be slipping not to have managed to add themselves to this bunch!!!!

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By snopes
04th Jun 2009 19:53

The exemption...
...from UK and all other Member State income taxes on their Community salaries, wages and emoluments - ie expenses - and pensions also applies to officials and servants of:

the European Commission, the European Council, European Parliament, European Court of Justice, and European Court of Auditors;


members of the Commission,the Judges, Advocates - General, the Registrar and the Assistant Rapporteurs of the European Court of Justice;


the staffs of the European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund and the European Monetary Institute

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