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Tax planning advice

Tax planning advice

I have a small practice in the Derby/Burton on Trent area with approximately 60 clients, which I have been running for approximately 14 years. It is just me (CIMA qualified) and a part time book-keeper. Whilst I feel I am competent with day to day tax comps, and indeed have not run into any difficulties so far, I would like to add value to my business and provide a better service to my clients by establishing a link with a local tax specialist who can offer ad hoc strategic tax planning advice as and when required, on an hourly fee basis. I also wonder if anyone out there would be interested in offering a tax mentoring service to help me to gradually improve and expand my tax expertise.


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13th Feb 2009 17:15

Practice Growth
I am Chairman of the CIMA Members in Practice Management Group and would be delighted to assist in finding a solution, if you email me we can agree a time and date for a telephone conversation

kindest regards

Mark Allen

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13th Feb 2009 16:53

I Know the feeling

We use a firm based in Birmingham called BNB tax. They offer a phone line that you can ring for general advice for a small monthly subscription and also help on the complicated tax matters. I am going to one of their seminars next week so if you want any advie let them know. You will learn a lot and it keeps you far more up to date than any of the standard courses.
If you want to give me a call my number is 01332 207336 or E-mail me on [email protected]

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By Anonymous
12th Feb 2009 20:32

a contact email
would be helpful perhaps?

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13th Feb 2009 12:33

Tax planning and support services
you're welcome to contact me to see how I may be able to assist you, as I am based just outside Derby. Please find my details at

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