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Tax rebate

I have been asked to help a friend get a tax rebate they are entitled to.  The rebate would usually be via a tax code adjustment.

I have done work for them previously & never got paid!!!!!!

Does anyone know if/how I could get the rebate paid to me so that I could deduct my fee prior passing on the remainder to my friend.


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If the rebate is being applied for using HMRC form R40 or the Self Assessmnet Form, then there is a box which can be completed where the person signs to agree to you getting the refund.


I would add, however, that if you have not been paid in the past, you will need to get them to agree how much you can keep. Plus, if you are a member of a body such as the ACCA< ICAEW etc, there will be a need for you to put the excess over the amount you have agreed as your fee in a client account!


Also, we have had cases where HMRC have overlooked the authority and sent the refund direct to client!



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27th Dec 2012 09:25

Are you afraid to ask?

Ask him to pay for last time and pay you upfront for this time around as well - before you do anything.

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