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Tax reference software

We've just received renewal invoice from CCH for their British Tax Guide, which covers all the main taxes (IT/CT/CGT/IHT/NIC) except VAT and is provided on CD. The amount is £765+vat.

Before I commit, I will be interested to hear what alternatives are around, either similalry priced or cheaper.

NB I would consider online services, but not paper manuals


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By newmoon
07th Mar 2012 17:58

Have a look at Bloomsbury Professional

I can't remember which CCH online publication is the most comprehensive (I think there is British Tax Guide and British Tax Library), but we use Bloomsbury Professional and find it very good.

It's not as comprehensive as the top level CCH one, but it costs a lot less than your renewal invoice.

It's in a different format from CCH, consisting of core tax annuals and quite a few other more detailed publications.

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By chatman
17th Apr 2012 04:26

Bloomsbury Professional
Tried Bloomsbury Professional this year. Can't wait to get back to FL Memo.

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By newmoon
17th Apr 2012 06:54

How much is FL Memo?

How much is FL Memo and how is it better than Bloomsbury please?

I'm interested - if it is good and better we may go the same route?

Incidentally Bloomsbury comes with TaxTv - do you use that (I haven't yet)?


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By chatman
17th Apr 2012 09:20

FL Memo v Bloomsbury

It costs £134. I find it much easier to navigate than Bloomsbury Professional, especially statutory references. Sometimes I cannot find what I want at all in Bloomsbury. With FL Memo, everything you look for is there in front of you in one place.

You can download FL memo so you have it off line too.

FL Memo can be a pain to log into sometimes, but I still prefer it to Bloomsbury.

TaxTV is good. I will subscribe separately when my Bloomsbury sub expires and I go back to FL Memo.

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17th Apr 2012 11:08

FL Memo v Bloomsbury

Hi chatman, Thanks for the feedback. I'm responsible for the Bloomsbury Professional online products and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the search and navigation issues you mention, if you can spare the time. Drop me a line - steveDOTsavoryATbloomsburyprofessionalDOTcom - and perhaps we can set up a call. Thanks again. Steve

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