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Tax relief on charitable donations abroad?

Tax relief on charitable donations abroad?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help.  I have a client who wants her company to donate to a charity abroad.  It is a registered charity abroad, which she got involved with and is passionate about the work they do.  I am not sure if the same tax relief rules apply for donations abroad.  Called HMRC and they do not seem to be able to give me a decent answer or point me to any document or guide.

I would be very grateful if anyone has knowledge on this area.


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28th May 2012 16:21

Where abroad?

If in the EU, you should be OK. There are also certain other specified territories that will qualify.

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28th May 2012 17:15


If the purpose is Charitable, a [suitable] UK charity can make the donation to the overseas charity.

So the client could set up a small charitable trust in the UK with similar objects and then make donations to it from the company.


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By ringi
29th May 2012 14:36

Maybe the Charities Aid Foundation can help

The Charities Aid Foundation run accounts when you can pay into the account with gift aid or company tax relief, you can then tell them the charities you wish the money to go to.

They also have a helpline that may provide answers.

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