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Tax relief on school fees

A client has asked whether she can obtain income tax relief on school fees paid on behalf of her grandson. I believe the answer to be no but would welcome any creative solutions.
Paul Gil


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By Anonymous
06th Nov 2002 14:33

connected persons
Think John that grandchildren would be connected with the donor in this case, which would mean that Gift Aid could not apply as a person connected with the donor would be receiving a benefit.

Still think the client should be sent on her way with a flea in her ear and a note for a substantial fee in her purse.

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06th Nov 2002 12:39

Gift Aid
I believe that some private and public schools are registered as charities and operate schemes whereby fees may be received by a Gift Aid or deed of covenant payment. If successful this would give tax relief at the highest rate to the donor, and enable the school to recover basic rate tax on the net payment.

I would like to hear from anyone who has achieved this scheme successfully in practice.

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By Anonymous
05th Nov 2002 15:30

creative solutions
Tell your client that if and when she becomes Queen of Great Britain, the taxpayer will be happy to shower her with money and tax breaks not available to ordinary mortals.

Failing that, show your client the door, after charging her a good premium rate for her brass neck.

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