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Tax Software

Tax Software

We've been happily using Drummohr Tax Software for many years.

However, since it was taken over by Iris, the cost has been ratcheting upwards.

Any suggestions for alterantive that does what Drummohr does at more reasonable cost??


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By thacca
10th Nov 2011 18:27


I'll recommend BTC. You'll also get a lot of recommendations for Taxcalc on here. Download some trials and take your pick.

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By SteveOH
10th Nov 2011 18:49

I am also a fan of BTC

Monthly payments are available

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By Branski
10th Nov 2011 20:15

Taxcalc works for me!

Pretty reasonable cost wise and support is very good, but as first poster says do some trials.

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10th Nov 2011 21:26

Need more information

I couldn't possibly advise as I don't know what Drummohr's charges are.

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10th Nov 2011 22:08


This is really great software with good customer service. I don't know the cost of Drummohr but I find the cost of BTC very reasonable.

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10th Nov 2011 22:12


I like Digita tax software and the price is reasonable!

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By skhan
10th Nov 2011 22:45

BTC - Is the best

It has made life easy and is the best software.

Very strong Customer Service and always helpful.

The Corporation Tax is so easy with it.


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11th Nov 2011 09:12


Tax Calc works well for me, very good value for money

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11th Nov 2011 12:41


Take a look at Keytime switched from IRIS a few years ago works fine

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14th Nov 2011 11:08


I have been using Forbes tax software for many years. Works for me and support is brilliant.

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14th Nov 2011 12:27

Wot no body

going to recommend SAGE. No, I thought not. 

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15th Nov 2011 16:09

PT software

Assuming you want a standalone product then try the demo's of BTC, Taxcalc, Digita. They vary in price, but are all modular - cost really depends on how complex your clients are and how many extra features you will use/appreciate.


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