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tax software

I've just joined a smallish firm of solicitors to deal with tax work. We have about 50 trust returns p.a. and about 10 personal tax returns p.a. , all done manually up to now. Hopefully both numbers will increase.
I hesitate to ask yet another " which tax software ? " question , but I could really do with some help, please !!
I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive preparation / on line filing package. I don't need any bells and whistles. I won't be doing corporation tax or partnership returns , and the personal returns I'm doing are all for non-business folk.
I would really appreciate any pointers , please. Thank you very much.



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Another vote for Digita here

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user freindly and good value

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PTP Trust rteturns is very good ... but i have no idea of how much it costs.

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Easiest solution
Tax calc is probably the easiest for this purpose. Cost effective and fail safe

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