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Tax software recommendations: personal tax


This tax season I did all my returns via government gateway but for the next tax season I would like to use software.

Can anybody recommend software especially online software (I.e. not restricted to one desktop) and software that will allow me to submit returns without online authorisations and filling out form 64-8.

Thanks in advance.


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Tax filing sotware.

I use Keytime software for personal, partnership, trust and corporation tax returns. It's reasonably priced,I've never had a problem,help desk is good and you file online as long as you have a UTR and I get no commision for this recomendation :)

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I would go with Taxcalc, easy to use and reasonable price

Don't know of any Cloud / Web based applications though, sorry


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Another vote for Taxcalc !

IMHO very well designed interface and also when you buy the latest version it finds the previous years file and sets up the new year with the releavant details such as employment(s), dividend income etc.


Also at about £25 very good value for money. 

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