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TaxCalc cannot yet submit CT600s for periods ending after 31/03/11

I understand TaxCalc cannot yet submit CT600s for periods ending after 31/03/11, but they can be submitted via the HMRC portal. Does anyone know why this is?


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its HMRC s fault

its to do with the budget receiving royal assent

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But you can submit them on the HMRC portal

But in that case, how come you can submit them on the HMRC portal?

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its the same for IRIS...

presumably the revenue have a 'patch' to deal with their portal but i am guessing that it is not something that can be done for third party providers.....another gold star to our public servants the revenue for making the job of the taxpayer easier to submit the forms they are legally required thing you know they will not be ordering enough paper to send out requests for payment....

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I dont think any software can file as yet, my understanding was the HMRC one could only submit if there was no CT charge i.e. a loss but could stand to be corrected there!


Neil Douglas

Eureka Software

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Thanks everyone

Does anyone know when they will be accepting submissions from third-party software?

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3rd Party Software

Think its sometime October.

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Same for Absolute Accounting. Can't file until 10th October. It is not a problem so that is fine.

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Paper file them, they can accept them on paper perfectly fine with none of this "royal ascent" whitewash excuse making. 

The reality is HMRC have not bothered to instruct their programmers to make the basic changes required to the system until October.

We have sent in about 20 now, all accepted fine.


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Neil is right

HMRC can only accept them via its portal where there is no tax charge.

Paper filing hadn't occured to me, as we do everything online here, but it worth considering when we just want to get rid of them.  Probably not what HMRC anticipated.

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Slightly off topic ...

... but, although there is a window where company losses can be set back three years, if the adjustment window for the earlier year is closed then the claim must be by post as you cannot file an amended computation online - bit daft if you ask me!


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BTC can file post 31 March 2011 CT600s where the company has made losses or has nil profits. I have to wait until next month to file the growing backlog of other CT600s though.

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Bottle Neck!

place your bets now that the system goes down as soon as the updated rates are activated!


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3rd party software can transmit where there is no liability at new rates.

HMRC are now saying it is going to be the 11th Oct rather than 10th.

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HMRC filing software

I filed successfully today using HMRC's own software - AP ended 30/04/2011.

Excruciatingly slow, and software mis-calculated tax for small company. Didn't take into account fact that CT rate is 20% for last month in AP.  Seems daft when HMRC's on-line CT calculator, calculates tax correctly!! Anyway - submission done. Will sort out discrepancy when tax bill arrives - or maybe it's going to be one of those automatic post-submission adjustments. Just wish they'd say so to avoid confusion.

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They did say so!

@ rosemaryEvans1

I understand the HMR&C website will not be updated until 15th or 16th October with the new CT rates.

You can still file returns, but if Corp tax is due you will need to go back and submit an amended return once the rates have been updated.




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