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TaxCalc - Grrrr


My first outing on TaxCalc was a DI-SAST-ER (sorry, hooked on Strictly).

I thought I'd submitted my client's 2009-10 return but seems I somehow managed to do his 2010-11.  So now I've got to do an amended 2010-11 but TaxCalc won't let me.

So, I've nearly completed his 20010-11 but need an employer PAYE ref first.  Can I just use the default one they tell you about??  But I got to the end of it (before I got the error message about the PAYE ref) but there wasn't an option to send in an amended SA100.  Is this not an option on TaxCalc?

The 2009-10 return I had to do on the HMRC website because TaxCalc kept making it a 2010-11 despite me putting in a date at the beginning of 6 April 2009 as the date on the front of the tax return.

Any ideas on the above?

One last query - sorry this is down to my ignorance - when I did the online version it asked if I was signing for the taxpayer - I ignored that bit but it still had my agent details at the last page because I was doing it through my agent online registered account.  Did I do right?




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06th Dec 2011 19:55

Is this posting for real?

Are you being serious?

What do you mean when you say 'despite me putting in a date at the beginning of 6 April 2009 as the date on the front of the tax return.' There's nowhere to enter the tax return year on TaxCalc! TaxCalc is a separate program for each tax year so you'll need the 2009/10 version to file a 2009/10 return & the 2010/11 version to file a 2010/11 return.

It's quite simple to file amended returns with TaxCalc.

Don't understand your problem about 'where does tax when I did the online version it asked if I was signing for the taxpayer'???

Where a Employers PAYE reference is missing then TaxCalc advises on the check & finish validation screen to enter '000/N'

I'm sticking with TaxCalc...its fab.

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By eve2206
06th Dec 2011 20:05


Thanks for your reply.  I did not know that TaxCalc only worked for the year you purchased the software!!  Maybe that point escaped me.  Here's a screenprint of the page that asked for the date:

I can see now where I've gone wrong, but it wasn't obvious to me before.  I've purchased the 2011 version but I assumed that was just the latest update as opposed to being the year it will work for.



Your Tax Return


Please enter the following information from the front of your tax return.Date Return issuedPTax office address (click on the browse button to locate the office)Address

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By occca
06th Dec 2011 22:58

Agree with Kevin

If you want to file a 2010 return you need a 2010 version of the software. The 2011 one will only do personal tax returns for 2011

When you go to file and you complete your filing credentials there is a box to tick for an amended return


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By eve2206
07th Dec 2011 00:05


Yes it all makes sense now.  I bought the software in June and only just used it so guess I just forgot about things.  I'll do the 09-10 one direct with HMRC website via the online services.

thanks to you both for pointing this out to me.


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07th Dec 2011 07:44


TaxCalc will often give you the previous years SA software as a goodwill gesture, but you need to ask for it.

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