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Taxpayers' Charter

I note that Taxation Magazine has been asking for comments on the proposed Taxpayers' Charter, and noone has submitted any views. Are we all very happy with the proposals?


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TaxPayers Charter
There has been comment over a period of time by a number of interested professional bodies. HMRC are apparently very reluctant to change certain terminology or review their thinking.

I am aware that the FSB is very likely to make a detailed submission in the near future.

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Taxpayers' Charter
We had a perfectly good one in 1986 but HMRC (or whatever they were called then) found that it didn't suit their purpose so reverted to the law during a dispute. One feature I recall was that all taxpayers should be treated equally (badly?), so where differing tax treatment between schedule D and E was identified the Charter didn't apply. At the end of the day, we're stuck with the law and any number of Charters can never override that.

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Charter is a joke, as expected
What a surprise, paying the correct amount of tax has been watered down to nothing at the same time as Equitable Liability is dismissed and we still do not know what the "rules" are that HMRC expect us to abide by.

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... HMRC as the enemy.

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