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That's what I thought..

That's what I thought..


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18th Nov 2010 15:32

There was a Taxman who walked into a bar.....

I should think so.

A long time ago I had a tax investigation into an up and coming comedian where the Inspector insisted that the "free" drinks he received at small folk club for an impromptu filling in was his income at bar prices. So presumably the club could treat the drinks as a cost.

...... complete as you wish.

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19th Nov 2010 12:48


Thanks for that - I understand that monetary payments to someone for doing something require the receiver to complete a P46 but if it's not actual money then I'm a bit confused! And with reference to your client the bar obviously does claim the cost of the drinks against their profits without asking the funny man to fill in a P46. I am thinking the answer is to get a receipt from the driver for the cost of the meal and the driver should declare this "extra income" on his tax return? But he does not currently complete one as he is a PAYE employee in real life and drives to help his mate out.

To summarise without getting driver to register for self assessment and pay tax on his dinner my comedian can't claim this can he? He's quite fat though so maybe he could say he had eaten 2 dinners!! (joke)

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