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The Apprentice

The accountant on the Apprentice.



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10th May 2011 22:44

I'm feeling a level of shame.....

Why, oh why, oh why did the accountant be so incompetent?  It was OJ and soup......

Thank goodness I'm on a course for the rest of the week; I don't think I could face the grief I would get at work!


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He reminded me of a few Aweb members

not posting any names though.................

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By blok
11th May 2011 09:12


The guy had no idea what he was doing.  His attitude stunk and he was so imature. 

Early favourite for me was the Irish guy and perhaps Melody from the girls. 

There were on or two other who looked absolutely hopeless.  It really is car crash tv, but still I will watch.


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11th May 2011 09:29

Hang on
It's an entertainment programme, not a business documentary.
I can't help think as with all these programmes that the editing is selective and a victim is borne so everyone talks about it at the coffee machine the following morning. It's TV. We are meant to be manipulated. Seems like its working.
He didn't help himself though. Worse it that he is from my local area and I am waiting for clients to ask if he is a friend of mine.

Kind regards

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By bduncan
11th May 2011 09:40

He didn't do a bad job for a small person

He picked the right product, low cost with high margin, they managed to sell all that they produced. They failed because they could not produce enough. Who here knew how long it takes to squeeze oranges? Who knew that they were going to get a kitchen as part of their brief and if there was going to be 0, 1 or 10 orange juicers in it.

He was out because unlike the girls the boys all did a reasonable job so he could not blame anyone and he failed to comunicate is plans.

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Only watched 15 minutes ....

 just so I know what people are talking about for the next 8 weeks! I will re-join at the interview stage as by then the squirm factor has diminished. Given that the winner always seems to be a clone ... the blonde girl has to be odds on.

PS ... I know I haven't worked in a proper office for 10 years BUT when did it become acceptable to turn up with a weeks worth of stubble on your face?! Looked like they had recruited from a soup kitchen.


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11th May 2011 09:58

Why do they do it ?

You have to question the intelligence of anyone who would wish to be associated with Alan Sugar. In the clip I saw on breakfast TV Alan Sugar actually claimed that he is an "expert in electronics" ?  Really?  More like an expert in sourcing cheap and nasty components from third world countries and lashing them together into equally cheap and nasty products. Amstrad is hardly a name associated with quality.



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11th May 2011 12:05


To be fair, Amstrad Sky boxes are a whole lot more reliable than Thomson Sky boxes.

Anyway, I for one was disappointed not to find CD on this year's Apprentice.  I think he would add an air of "Je ne sais quai" to proceedings.

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11th May 2011 12:29


I would hate to work alongside many of the contestants. The majority of them seem to specialise in arrogance and backstabbing. Maybe that is what it takes to gain a high paid job and get to 'the top of the ladder'!

The editing may take advantage, but the contestants provide the material in the first place.

But it's good entertainment, and Alan Sugar has some killer one liners.

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11th May 2011 13:42

The Apprentice

Steve - I was thinking the exact same thing about the stubble!  Sugar can't complain though as he was sporting it himself.

Cracking entertainment show if you take it for what it is and some good insight for youngsters on all of the ingredients required to run with an idea.  The downside is that a whole new generation of people will think that the way to succeed in buisness is to belittle, backstab and use aggression to get on rather than develop relationships, motivate and nurture.

As for the accountant? Embarrasing.  He reminded me of a stereotype of accountants all so desperate to break away from the mould that he forgot what he was good at, and what he was trained to do.

If this guy trained at one of the big four yet was so inept in basic business skills it just goes to show.

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11th May 2011 17:57

Bit special

He was a bit special and I mean that in a nasty way:D His eyes glazed over and he had a look as if the lights were on but no one was home!


I'm curious as to which global accounting firm hired him in the first place - looks like you need to put a rocket up him just to get him to do anything! Rightfully so got sacked from the Apprentice - and the person that thought it was clever hiring such a numpty at the accounting firm should be fired too! lol

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11th May 2011 18:47


Anyway, I for one was disappointed not to find CD on this year's Apprentice. I think he would add an air of "Je ne sais quai" to proceedings.

Posted by thisistibi on Wed, 11/05/2011 - 12:05


I'd certainly add something - age - experience - and ability - but I don't think I'm quite young enough.

Besides, is Alan Sugar ready to get out of MY seat ?  I wouldnt setle for anything less.


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By Luke
11th May 2011 22:31

PwC in Reading supposedly
Well that was what I heard on a course today anyway.

It was definitely embarrassing for accountants as a whole.

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12th May 2011 08:36

Shouldn't be a bad reflection on Big 4

The fact that this guy "trained" at a Big 4 isn't that meaningful.  The trainees at Big 4 firms sit there ticking and bashing, not doing anything productive until promotion.  The firms recruit a very wide range of individuals and some don't manage to finish their training contracts, some go on to great things.  The recruitment processes might not be perfect, but they are very highly developed and I'm sure he showed some skills when he applied for the job.  How do you think you performed in your first job interview?  University graduates can be hard to judge, ones that perform badly might be perfect partners-to-be; ones that perform well can fail to pass the exams.

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I had my say in a separate blog

You can probably deduce the official AccountingWEB view from the title, That didn't last long, did it?

Bitterly disappointed that he didn't stick around longer - even just for nuisance value like Stuart Baggs - as we won't have anyone to kick around through the rest of the series.

If you can't get enough of 'The Apprentice' (or other TV accountants), there's also a thread on the subject in our Born Dull?! discussion group - there's always more room for television reviews on AccountingWEB!

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12th May 2011 23:52

The Accountant

I liked the poor bloke. Yes he has a steep learning curve ahead of him, is clearly not a leader and needs to learn to stick to his strengths ie not spouting corporate bs but I wish he had stayed around. He certainly blasted the ol' stereotypical 'Accountant' image, I thought.

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13th May 2011 08:56

Admit it

"I liked the poor bloke. Yes he has a steep learning curve ahead of him, is clearly not a leader and needs to learn to stick to his strengths ie not spouting corporate bs but I wish he had stayed around. He certainly blasted the ol' stereotypical 'Accountant' image, I thought."

Admit it, you just fancied him....

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By chatman
24th May 2011 16:02


Andy - Just tried to respond to your PM but apparently you do not accept PMs (that's what AWeb says anyway). You can email me at palaceccountants AT if the PMing doesn't work.

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