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The "ink absorber is full"

The "ink absorber is full"

I've never had this problem before, possibly because printers have always broken after about a year. Apparently the ink absorber is full and I need to contact the (non existent) service centre.  This is obviously something to do with waste ink. Is this something I can sort out myself with a hosepipe or something less drastic, or do I buy a new printer?

The current one is a Canon Pixma MX300 and it seems to be working perfectly still despite the error message.


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By Anonymous
28th Apr 2010 17:20

If the ink absorber were empty...

... I might be able to comment more usefully, because I'd have thought that the ink absorber was what most of us call paper!  Apparently that's not the case on your particular printer. :)

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28th Apr 2010 18:50

Good point

I presume "absorber" is some translation from the Japanese. I think what is meant is what most of us with a car or drains would call the sump.  


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28th Apr 2010 19:43

Colour lasers are unable to recycle unused toner so it is stored in a container. It is probably the wasted toner container that is full.

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29th Apr 2010 08:48

This may help

Try this link - it is quite a common issue with canon printers but I have not experienced it myself so do not know how effective the procedure outlined is.:

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 18:59

Ink absorber

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29th Apr 2010 12:46

Thanks for the suggestions

Now I know I'm not alone and I've found the offending pads.

I'm removing the ink cartridges and putting the printer in the washing machine this afternoon.

Thanks for the guidance on software to start it all again.



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29th Apr 2010 14:43

had something similar with an Epson

the message said 'a part has come to the end of it's useable life' or some such malarky.

Took the printer to our local printer shop, where they serviced it for £10 + VAT.  Have now done this a couple of times with the same printer, over a number of years.


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By Anonymous
06th May 2010 13:28

Outlook and calendar appointments

I use Outlook to send and receive my emails (via a network) and use the calendar function to book appointment in my diary.  In addition, if I need to remind myself of something, I enter an appointment in the calendar without specifying a time, so that the automatic reminder prompt comes up near the relevant day.  I move emails from Outlook and store them in client specific files to keep Outlook as clear as possible.  

Does anyone know if it is possible when in an email, so that you can set a calendar appointment for yourself in this way, without having to go into calendar? 

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06th May 2010 14:03

Not sure what you mean!

Do you mean you want to set a task, or a meeting, for a specific contact, or set up a reminder from an email?

If from a contact, you can right click on the contact and select set up a new appointment or task.

If from an email, you can select Actions, Follow Up, Add reminder.

If none of these, please provide more information and I am sure someone will be able to help.

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08th May 2010 00:55

Outlook Email to Calendar

I don't know why this Outlook question got in here but........

The easiest thing to do is this:

looking at the "Inbox", or whichever folder the email is sitting in, simply click and hold your mouse button while hovering over the email.  Then, still holding the mouse button, drag the email to the "Calendar" tab and let go of the mouse button.

This will make a new appointment in your calendar using the subject of the email as the appointment subject and the email content as the appointment content.

Then simpy set the appointment time and set a reminder.

The same thing can be done by dragging the the email and dropping it on the "Tasks" tab.

Hope that helps

Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd


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